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I'm a lonely man and social media is my life. It's given me the recognition I've been denied my whole life. I can make snarky comments, and glib pronouncements, and lap up the adulation, banishing any form of dissent. I'm a king, and Bleeter is my kingdom.
— The kidnapper during Parenting 101

The Kidnapper (real name unknown) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Events of GTA V

Horrible little troll!
— The kidnapper to Jimmy De Santa

At some point prior to or during the events of the story, the kidnapper was harassed online by Jimmy De Santa. This enraged the kidnapper who later, with some associates, tracked down Jimmy and kidnapped him. Taking him up through Banham Canyon, the group planned to punish Jimmy for "trolling" the kidnapper online. During the drive, Jimmy secretly calls his father, Michael and discreetly asks for help. Should Michael agree to help Jimmy, he will find the kidnapper's car and trash it, causing the kidnapper and his associates to get out and run away.

If Michael does not help Jimmy, the kidnapper will ransom him, requiring Michael to pay $9,500.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V