This is a list of quotes by Kenny Loggins on Los Santos Rock Radio.

"Here are some Brits that pointed out what nonsense the radio is. Radio GaGa"
―When Radio Gaga by Queen starts to play
"Don't say I didn't warn you. But I feel a guitar solo coming on"
―After a song finishes
"Anything worth my love is worth the fight. I'm Free, by me"
―When Loggins' own song I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man) plays
"It's Saturday Night, and you just got into a fist fight with Elton John. Things are definitely weird here."
―When Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John plays
"Written by Michael McDonald and myself, it's What a Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers."
―When What a Fool Beleives by The Doobie Brothers plays
"Life is a wind machine"
―During one of the radio stings
"Are you ready for the journey ahead? I've got a nice bottle of Pinot, some wine coolers, 180 Proof Rum and a Guitar. So as we sail into the sunset, the last thing you'll remember is my voice yelling at a police helicopter, "Nobody is going to stop us". Ah yes, The 80's will live on forever"
―Between songs
"Whoever said Los Santos is vapid and depressing? Well, anyone with half a brain, that's who. But you have half a brain, don't you?"
―Between Songs
"Get rid of your mobile phone, throw away your MP3 player, shut down your Bleeter page and your Lifeinvader page...<>"
―Between songs
"I hope you're enjoying these tracks, if you're not, then you probably left your soul behind somewhere, go back and get it"
―When a song is finishing
"Things aren't always black and white, there's always a middle ground in life...<>"
―Between songs
"Now this is music to keep moving to. If you can't keep moving - get a convertible. If you can't get a convertible - get a wind machine. If you can't get a wind machine, run really fast down the highway with the wind whipping through your hair and people shouting at you: "You're crazy", and yes, yes we are, so keep it on Los Santos Rock Radio"
―Between Songs
"Question: is it better to die on a 80 foot boat with a 20 year old, or a 20 foot boat with an 80 year old? That doesn't really matter. You're on a boat, and they're not! Let's face it, women love long hair, guitars and boats and soft rock ballads and sitting on a bareskin rug by a fire, taking all your money. These are the things we're thinking about right now while we listen to this music."
―Between songs
"Los Santos, how are you? I'm looking into your eyes. What keeps us here? What keeps us here in this city? Why don't we just move up north somewhere more sane, or go into the mountains and make some new friends? I'll tell you what keeps us here - love. Love and this music. Los Santos Rock Radio."
―Between songs
"Let's keep it classic here in Los Santos - the land in which nothing decomposes: not the music, not the buildings, not the cars and certainly not the people. They've got so much plastic in them they'll be around for 20,000 years!"
―Between songs
"I love you, but I think need to take a break. Things aren't working out."
―Before commercials
"I gotta go trim my beard. Let's go to a commercial."
―Before commercials
"Time for a commercial for all you guys."
―Before commercials
"I'd say trust that voice inside your head, the one that speaks to you and tell's you where to go, where your heart should go. It might get you a <>, it might get you a divorce, it might get you a number one single on the radio, sometimes those 3 things equal the same thing. Of course, if you've got more than one voice inside your head, trust the one that says "I need residential care right now because I'm losing my fuckin' mind""
―Between songs
"If you're just tuning in, hello and good morning to you all."
―Before any song begins and if it is morning
"Love is timeless and unfortunately so is alimony."
―Between songs
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