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"Stay above a minimum speed while racing around courses littered with jumps and obstacles. If you slow down too much, you’ll explode."
— Description
"Race where players maintain speeds above a set minimum, with the minimum increasing every lap. Drop below for long enough, they explode."
Rockstar Social Club Description

Keep the Pace is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Lowriders update, released on October 20, 2015. It is unlocked at Rank 5.


"In "Keep the Pace" the clue is in the title: stay above a minimum speed while navigating, jumps, obstacles and opponents or meet combustible elimination."
Rockstar Newswire Description

Keep the Pace is similar to a normal lap race, however, there is a minimum speed that players must stay above. If the player drops below the minimum speed for too long, that player's vehicle will explode. There are also ambient events going on around the course, such as planes taking off, timed explosions, and ramps.

The race itself is three laps, and with each lap completed, the minimum speed increases.

The winner is the last player standing, or, if more than one player survives all three laps, the first one to complete the three laps.


Since the minimum speed in this mode increases with every lap, players will need to adjust their tactics with each completed lap. For instance, if planning on racing dirty and spinning or shunting fellow racers, aim to do so in the first lap, which will be more forgiving if the plan backfires. Later on in the race, use jumps to gain an advantage when shunting others: a small nudge just before their car leaves the ground will be magnified greatly while in mid-air.

More honorable racers shouldn't be afraid to ease off the accelerator in order to put space between them and other racers; don't forget that rounds can end long before the finish line, so play it safe rather than focusing on first place. Tactics on turns will also need to be revised from traditional thinking: while regular racing rewards sharp turns corner cutting, taking wider turns along the racing line will prevent crashes and oversteers from which players may not have time to recover.

Use slipstreaming judiciously; while it can help pull the speed up when flagging, it may also push the player over the edge just before a tricky turn, with the lowrider's traction unable to cope with the velocity.


Image Description Map
KeepThePace-GTAO-SS1 Keep the Pace I is located on the landing strip of the Los Santos International Airport. KeepThePace-GTAO-Map1
KeepThePace-GTAO-SS2 Keep the Pace II is located in Terminal. KeepThePace-GTAO-Map2
KeepThePace-GTAO-SS3 Keep the Pace III is located on the landing strip at Fort Zancudo. KeepThePace-GTAO-Map3
KeepThePace-GTAO-SS4 Keep the Pace IV is located on the Vinewood Racetrack. KeepThePace-GTAO-Map4
KeepThePace-GTAO-SS5 Keep the Pace V is located on the landing strip of the Sandy Shores Airfield and the surrounding area. KeepThePace-GTAO-Map5

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