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{{Infobox character
|name = Karl Abolaji
|image = Karl Abolaji GTAV.png
|games = ''[[Grand Theft Auto V]]''
|status = Alive
|gender = M
|pob = [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]]
|home = [[Los Santos (HD Universe)|Los Santos]]
|nationality = {{Flagicon|United States of America|Flag of the United States}} [[United States of America|American]]
|family =
|affiliations = [[Michael De Santa]]<br>[[Franklin Clinton]]<br>[[Trevor Philips]]
|vehicles =
|businesses = Gunman
|voice = Jaime Lincoln Smith}}
'''Karl Abolaji''' is a character in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. He is a character [[Protagonist|the player]] can employ to help out in [[Heists]].
Karl Abolaji is an employed gunman in [[Grand Theft Auto V]]. His skills are not very good, being average at his best. Because of this his cut is only 8%.
Not much is know about Karl past life, when he is selected to do a heist, [[Lester Crest|Lester]] says that he is a solid choice, but to never ask him anything about the psychiatric industry. This could mean that Karl has mental problems.
===Events of ''GTA V''===
Karl can only be selected in [[The Big Score (GTA V)|The Big Score]]. In the subtle aproach, being a gunman with little experience, he will drop some gold bars while loading the [[Gauntlet]], causing $18 million in loss for the crew, if selected as the second gunman, there will be no consequences to the heist.
In the obvious aproach, Karl do a decent job being either the first or second gunman. Since its impossible to Karl have previously experience, if he is the second gunman, he will have more chances of dying during the shootout agaist the police. The player needs to protect him, so the heist doesn't have any casualities.
*During [[The Big Score (GTA V)|The Big Score]], he speaks as if he is an [[Epsilon Program in HD Universe|Epsilonist]] and yells at officers that his money is going to a charity/religion, implying that he has devoted his life to their cause. 
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