"Mr. Abolaji. Solid. Take him on a job, just don't ask him about the psychiatric industry."
— Lester Crest

Karl Abolaji is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He can be employed as a Heist Crew Member.


Karl Abolaji is a freelance gunman in Grand Theft Auto V. His skills are not very good, being average at best. Because of this, his cut is only 8%.



Not much is known about Karl's past life. When he is selected to do a heist, Lester says that he is a solid choice, but to never ask him anything about the psychiatric industry. This is likely due to his religion, the Epsilon Program, which is based on the Church of Scientology; Scientology has a notorious hatred of psychiatry.

Events of GTA V

Karl can only be selected in The Big Score. In the subtle approach, being a gunman with little experience, he will drop some gold bars while loading the Gauntlet, causing $18 million in loss for the crew. If selected as the second gunman, there will be no consequences to the heist.

In the obvious approach, Karl does a decent job being either the first or second gunman. Since it's impossible for Karl to have had previous experience, if he is the second gunman, he will have more chances of dying during the shootout against the police. The player needs to protect him, so the heist has no casualties.

Mission Appearances



  • During The Big Score, he speaks as if he is an Epsilonist and yells at officers that his money is going to a charity/religion, implying that he has devoted his life to their cause.
  • For some reason, he along with Hugh and Daryl cannot be recruited for a heist in replayable missions. Whether it was intentional or not is unknown.
  • Karl is the only low-skilled gunman who cannot die without failing the mission, since he can only be selected in The Big Score, and in that heist, the gunmen always survive no matter what happens. In other heists, the mission will not fail if a low-skilled gunman dies. Therefore he is the only low-skilled gunman whose fate is not determinant.