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Ah, okay. This one's new blood. I've seen him drive but I haven't seen him under pressure.
— Lester Crest

Karim Denz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, appearing as a Heist getaway driver in Grand Theft Auto V, who can be employed as a crew member by the player, and in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Diamond Casino Heist.


Karim has the lowest stats of all the getaway drivers and the second lowest cut: 8%.



Not much is known about Karim before the events of the game, Lester says that he is "new blood" and has never seen him under pressure. During the introduction of the crew members in the loud approach of The Jewel Store Job, Michael also says that Karim is new in the business and that is the only thing that the crew needs to know about him. In the end of the roof approach of the mission The Bureau Raid, Denz reveals that he wants the money of the scores to support a life of luxury and pleasure and that he buys watches worth twelve thousand dollars for his watch collection. Michael says that he will end up calling the attention of the police, spending money that way.

Events of GTA V

If Karim is chosen for The Jewel Store Job, he will pick a Bati 801RR for the escape, which handles poorly in the dirt of the tunnels. His radio guidance to Franklin will be panicky and confused. He also will get lost in the middle of the way, if a bad gunman is chosen. Also, in the Loud approach, he will drop some of the jewelry he collects, preventing the player from earning the most possible cash.

In The Bureau Raid, roof method, if he is chosen for the first time, he will take some time to reach the FIB Headquarters, forcing Michael, Franklin and the gunman to hold the police until he arrives, he will use a Burrito for the escape and the crew will need to overcome a 4 star wanted level before continuing the mission. If he has experience from the jewel store job, he will be at the building in the right time in an ambulance, allowing the crew to get out of the area without the need to lose the police. Karim will say that after the jewelry heist, he thought twice before choosing the getaway vehicle.

In the subtle approach of The Big Score, if Denz is chosen for the first time and is placed as the first driver, during the shootout between the crew and the Merryweather soldiers, he will drop some gold bars trying to load the Gauntlets. Also, during the chase he will lose control of the car and be caught by the police, making the crew lose one fourth of the gold. If he has previous experience from any heist, this won't happen. If he is placed as the second driver, to change the tires of the Stockade, he will do that with no problem, however, when he drives one of the trucks the player must load their car into, he will swerve side to side, making it more difficult to enter the truck (although Franklin's special ability can make it easier to enter the truck). If he has experience from any heist, he will drive the truck perfectly, making it easier to enter.

If he is chosen for the first time in the obvious approach and is placed as the first driver, he will crash into one of the wind turbines in the wind farm and die, dropping half of the gold take from the Union Depository. If he has experience from any heist, he will reach the train with no problem as long as Trevor keeps the helicopter steady so that Lester can destroy the Merryweather Buzzards before they destroy his helicopter, killing him, and losing half of the gold. As the driver of the train, there will be no consequences, regardless of any experience.

Events of GTA Online

Say what you like about Karim. He's cheap.
— Lester Crest

Karim appears as a selectable driver for The Diamond Casino Heist, being the weakest driver with the lowest cut, at only 5%.

In the preparation "Getaway Vehicles", Karim can provide the following vehicles:

Getaway Vehicles
Blista Kanjo
Issi Classic
Sentinel Classic
Initial Vehicle Switch Vehicle
Rancher XL

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Diamond Casino Heist


Karim's skills include:

  • Driving Skill
  • Composure
  • Vehicle Choice