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Alright yo, we're living large. You know what i'm saying? Larger than Malcolm X-X-L, that's how large we live. Whassup with that? Yo, check this out: my rhyme is fat.

KREZ is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto 2, which plays hip hop and gangsta rap. It is only available in the Residential District and is hosted by Richie T. The station does not feature commercials. Joining Richie T is an unnamed female that raps in-between songs, albeit humorously off-key.


For the original songs, the year of release is that of GTA 2: 1999.
Authors of the original songs, at the side, in superscript.
1 - This is a licensed song.
  • Negro Vs. Conner - "Showin' Me Love" (C. Conner, R. De Negro)
  • E=MC Good Times - "Jacking In Hilltown" (P. Scargill, R. De Negro)
  • Flytronix - "Past Archives" (1998) 1
  • Numb - "How It's Done" (S. Ross)


  • Flytronix's "Past Archives" is the only song included in GTA 2: The Movie that can actually be heard in the radios of the game.
  • While Richie T is speaking before "Showin' Me Love", it plays Slumpussy's "This Life", from N-CT FM in GTA.
  • The radio of GTA Advance includes instrumental versions of E=MC Good Times' "Jacking In Hilltown" (which is also the pause theme) and Numb's "How It's Done".

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