"K-Rose! Because if you spend more time with farm animals than with your wife, you have a lonely heart. And a nasty infection!"
— K-Rose
"A broken heart never sounded so good. Country and Western music broadcast from Bone County across the whole state of San Andreas. All of the biggest artists, all of the best music. With the Widow Queen of the Prairie, Mary-Beth Maybell."
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K-Rose is a classic country music radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, hosted by Mary-Beth Maybell (voiced by Riette Burdick).


K-Rose pokes fun of stereotypical redneck things, with idents that imply incest, bestiality, drunkness and gun culture. The station is also proud of its cowboy identity, boasting "if this is what cowboys listen to, no wonder they invented the electric guitar!"

K-Rose's host, Mary-Beth Maybell, is a loud, obnoxious, opinionated woman with a Southern accent that expresses her views on marriage, sex and random topics such as plastic surgery. In-between songs, Maybell often provides various insights into her family life, often mentioning her nine children and the suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of her six husbands (she likes to think that Darwinism's "survival of the fittest" is also applied to marriage), and occasionally plays a harmonica "down south".

The station broadcasts from an unspecified location in Bone County.


The playlist is also available on Spotify.



K-Rose Full GTA play Radio HD - 50 minutes

K-Rose Full GTA play Radio HD - 50 minutes

GTA San Andreas K-Rose


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