Just the Five of Us is a sitcom that is advertised on the radio in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The show involves the Chesterfields, a wealthy family who, after a "mix-up at the adoption agency", adopt three new house-guests: Charlotte, a pyromaniac; Shawn, a drunken hobo; and Jimmy, an investment banker with a growth-related disease, starring Claude Maginot, a wealthy, classically-trained actor, as the trio's foster father. Amy Sheckenhausen, the host of the radio station K-Chat, is a fan of show, and during her interview with Maginot, brings up his and Jimmy's role in the show.

By 1992, the show has been canceled and replaced by My Five UnclesDuring a radio interview on WCTR News in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that plays a while after unlocking Las Venturas, Jimmy is featured being arrested after being found with drugs during a child-actor conference he was attending at the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas. He appears to still look like a child, even though he is now 51, and still maintains the rude attitude he had on the show. Annoyed by Richard Burns' interview, he beats him up and steals his microphone, imitating him in the process.

On the Rockstar Games teaser website, Kent Paul's 80s Nostalgia Zone, in the Television section, Kent Paul talks about the show, although Paul's description of the show is unreliable due to the fact he was not paying much attention, such as the part in which he refers to Jimmy as a 35-year-old bond trader, when he actually was a 42-year-old investment banker. Also, it stars the Chesterfields, not the Dawkins. These errors are pointed out by contributor Jeff Johnson.


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