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Hey look, if you hear shit start to pop off, come in there blasting, alright?
Big Smoke

Just Business is the last mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Big Smoke from his home in Idlewood.


Carl drops by Big Smoke's house and finds him in the garage. They agree to take a ride somewhere, as Smoke has business to take care of. They head to Commerce and Big Smoke enters the Atrium. After a brief moment, a shootout is heard inside, and Carl quickly rushes inside, protecting Smoke from attacking Russian Mafia goons. Once all of the Russians are killed, the two hop on a BF-400 and attempt to escape. Carl acts as the shooter, killing as many enemies as possible. On the way, they jump over the ramp of a Packer to escape a roadblock, causing all of the Russians there to be obliterated in a huge explosion, however the bike survives. After a long chase, Big Smoke rides through an alley in East Beach. The two have lost all the Russians, agreeing to split up.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take Big Smoke to Downtown.
  • Protect Big Smoke from the Russians.
  • Follow Big Smoke and protect him from the Russians.
  • Protect the bike from the Russians.

Instructional Messages

Crouching whilst you are shooting improves your accuracy.


An increase in respect. Reuniting the Families is also unlocked.

Obtain a unique-color/unique-wheeled BF-400



Carl Johnson goes to Big Smoke's Home. He looks for Big Smoke in the garage near the house, but finds nothing, so he decides to knock on the back door of the house.
Big Smoke: Hey, CJ, baby, wassup man?
CJ: What's happening, Smoke?
Big Smoke: Chillin'. Wanna go for a ride?
CJ: Yeah.
Big Smoke: You drive.
CJ: A'ight.
Big Smoke: We're going downtown.
CJ and Big Smoke drive in Big Smoke's Glendale to Commerce.
CJ: This better not be another cop errand, man.
Big Smoke: Nah, man, this is strictly for the homies. I gotta be honest with you, CJ. We could be gettin' into some heavy shit, baby.
CJ: What you into, Smoke?
Big Smoke: Lot a shit 'bout to go down, Carl. Families coming back, Ballas pushing base, Russian cats with nothin' to lose about to bust some ass.
CJ: Russians?
Big Smoke: Now all my life I been told to fear Ruskies, but I ain't never even met one. Then the wall comes down and we're all supposed to be friends. Five minutes later, my cousin gets laid out by some Ruskie fresh off the boat.
CJ: For real?
Big Smoke: For real!
CJ and Big Smoke stop near the Atrium and go to the main entrance.
Big Smoke: Look Carl, before I walk in there I just need to know you down with this shit, man.
CJ: Look, Smoke, we go way back. We Groves, man!
Big Smoke: That's what I'm talking about, that's my dog! Hey look, if you hear shit starting to pop off, come in there blasting, a'ight?
CJ: I'm down, dog.
Smoke goes inside and Carl notices a girl sitting nearby.
CJ: Hey, baby, want company?
Big Smoke: (off-screen) Motherfuckers!
CJ runs inside Atrium and sees Big Smoke being attacked by Russians.
Big Smoke: CJ, get in here - oh there you are! Use some cover, they're blasting like fools in this motherfucker! Ice those fools, CJ!
Russian: Big Smoke, you made big mistake!
Big Smoke: Watch yourself, CJ, I think they's pissed! CJ, take the right and cover my ass! Keep it up, baby! That's my dog, makin' y'all pay! Stick with me CJ, we outta here, baby!
CJ and Big Smoke fight their way inside the building and exit through the back, where more Russians are waiting for them.
Big Smoke: Stick real close, Carl! Keep your head down, the air is thick as shit in here.
Russian: Smoke, you and your friend are dead men!
Big Smoke: Back me up! That's my homie, CJ! Ha! Ha ha ha, you ice cold, baby!
After Carl and Smoke kill everyone, they hop on BF-400. Smoke drives through parking lot and into the street, while CJ shooting.
CJ: They after us on a bike, Smoke!
Big Smoke: Waste any motherfucker that follows us!
CJ: Shit, man, they coming fo' us in a truck!
Big Smoke: Don't tell me about it, take it off the road! Pop it! Damn, look at all this traffic - GET OUTTA THE WAY! I'm coming through!
CJ: We got bikes on our six - smash it Smoke!
Big Smoke: Hold on tight, baby!
Smoke jumps on the top of two parked buses.
CJ: Ah, Smoke, NOOOOOOO!
The Packer hits a bus on an intersection.
CJ: Ah, they hit a bus!
Big Smoke: Ha ha, I'll never diss public transportation again!
CJ and Smoke come across a roadblock consisting of Sultans.
Big Smoke: Damn, road-blocked!
CJ: Ah, Smoke, these cats is organised. There's something you ain't tellin' me, man!
Big Smoke: Look, Carl, all I know is they're real pissed with us right now! Hold on though, I got a idea.
CJ and Smoke trying to escape via the Storm Drain, but Russians continue to chase them there.
CJ: Smoke, what you thinking? Flood control's a dead end, man!
Big Smoke: To hell with that, we had to lose those cars, don't worry about that. I know the way out, up past Grove Street.
CJ: The old sewer tunnel? Oh man...
Big Smoke: Watch our backs!
CJ: Smoke, it's more bikes!
The Packer that was chasing CJ and Smoke earlier appears again, driving down the storm drain.
CJ: Oh shit, now the truck's found us again!
Big Smoke: Man, stop being so negative! Focus on the good news!
CJ: Such as?
Big Smoke: We ain't dead yet, and your trigger finger still works, fool! I think the gearbox is screwed up on this thing! I can't get no speed!
CJ: Yeah, who negative now, bitch?
Big Smoke: Point taken, I'll keep my mouth shut from now on.
One of the cars falls from the Packer.
Big Smoke: OH SHIT!
CJ: Oh man, the cars found a ramp!
Big Smoke: Don't tell me about it, shoot! Hold on!
Another car falls from the Packer.
CJ: Get us up that ramp!
Big Smoke: I'm on it, baby!
CJ: We still got bikes on us, man!
Big Smoke: Man, quit bitchin' and shoot as many of them assholes as you can! Fools totaled their truck!
CJ: Go around 'em, man!
Big Smoke: Screw that, we're taking the scenic route!
Smoke uses a Packer to jump over the roadblock. The roadblock then explodes, killing everyone but CJ and Smoke.
Big Smoke: Fry, motherfuckers! That's the old sewer up ahead! Shoot out the gate!
Big Smoke: (If CJ fails to shoot the gate) The gate, Carl! THE GATE!
Big Smoke: (If CJ shoots the gate) Nice one, CJ, here we go!
CJ: Man, I used to hate this tunnel when we was kids.
Big Smoke: Hey, we can reminisce later, we still got company!
CJ: Don't these guys ever give up?
CJ and Smoke finally manage to lose Russians. They stop at parking lot in East Beach.
CJ: We lost 'em, Smoke!
Big Smoke: Man, we better split up. I'll take it another block and dump it. Man, that was some crazy shit back there!
CJ: Yeah, for sure. Listen we can't hang around here - I'll see you later, homie.
Big Smoke: Much love, baby!

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  • The scene in the mission featuring a Packer jumping off a surface road in slow motion into a storm drain channel, which Big Smoke and CJ are using to escape, is a nod to a similar scene in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where a large tow-truck (driven by a Terminator) executes a similar stunt as it is in pursuit of John Connor (also riding a motorcycle). This scene was also featured in the second San Andreas trailer.
  • The woman CJ flirts with when he arrives at the Atrium bears a strong resemblance to Catherine Tramell from the movie Basic Instinct.
  • The BF-400 in this mission has the license plate reading "IMY AK" (Similar to the Cheetah if the player buys it at the Easter Basin Docks and the Feltzer in End of the Line).
  • The song at the start of the cutscene is "The Vapors" by Biz Markie. This song can also be heard on Playback FM.
  • This is the only mission for Big Smoke that does not involve any Vagos.
  • The stunt jumps executed by Big Smoke in this mission will be included in the player's stats, even though Carl is not driving.
  • This mission is similar to the TLAD mission Shifting Weight where Johnny shoots at the LCPD while on a motorcycle and acting as the shooter (since Johnny's bike got destroyed before the chase).
  • When CJ and Big Smoke get onto the BF-400 to escape, the radio starts playing Radio X.
  • The player's SMG weapon slot is replaced with a Micro SMG when the gunfight begins, and once again when the motorbike chase begins with one providing infinite ammo.
    • Therefore, there is no point to save SMG ammo, as it will be reset to 80 after this mission.
    • During the bike chase, if the player activates a cheat to change the Micro SMG into either a Tec-9 or an SMG, they'll not only be able to shoot with a different weapon, but will receive infinite ammo for the Micro SMG after the mission is over.
  • Sound files suggest that CJ was supposed to enter the Atrium by player control instead of a cutscene, as the mission's sound script has a few lines for Big Smoke such as "CJ, get in here!" and "What took you so long?".[1]