"A series of jumps on the highway."

Jumps Jumps Jumps is a user-created race by iTzPressure, and was published in the first batch of Rockstar verified jobs on December 30, 2013 in Grand Theft Auto Online. It is a long, straight race down the Senora Freeway. The track is a point to point race and it contains a series of jumps for the players to execute in order to reach the finish line.


The track is very simple, and can be completed easily in just over a minute. This race contains clusters of ramps, as well as single ramps, forming a variety of jumps. When players encounter single ramps, only one vehicle can fit at a time, so accidents are very common. The ramp clusters form very large and wide ramp, giving the racers more space, and ensuring you a safer jump. Super cars are the best fit for this race, since the jumps occasionally require the players to jump over large obstacles; so speed is a necessity.

Vehicle Classes


  • Boost
  • Health
  • Rockets


Jumps Jumps Jumps GTAO Verified Map.png


  • Be careful when approaching ramps as players may get aggressive and try to knock you off course. Also, try to approach each ramp at top speed, otherwise you wont clear the gaps. DO NOT try to use the ramps if you are driving a slower vehicle or do not have enough speed to clear the jump. Instead, take the paths directly to the sides of the ramps. Also, if you are racing with bikes, you need to lift your bike a little bit just before hitting a ramp or you will be flung off. This is due to the ramp not being placed completely on the ground.
  • The last ramp, which forces players to jump over a bridge, can be passed with a shortcut immediately to right side of the ramp. Instead of hitting the jump, one can simply go right around it and pass up the players who may have taken the ramp and are currently in mid-air. This can help you win a race when you and another opponent are going head-to-head for first place.


  • It is the most played (and highest rated) user map.


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