Map of the Julius Thruway

The Julius Thruway (Interstate 226) is the orbital freeway system encircling Las Venturas, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is composed of four main elements, named according to their general placement in the city: in the North, East, West, and South, like a beltway. It is a four-lane recessed roadway with overpass exits at relatively evenly spaced intervals. It connects to the main highway servicing the southern ends of Tierra Robada and Bone County, to the highway servicing northwestern Las Venturas and Bone County, and to the major highway connecting Las Venturas with Los Santos. The only constituent of this freeway system that does not share the Julius Thruway designation is the Harry Gold Parkway, which runs through the center of Las Venturas, bisecting the city into western and eastern portions. The nature of the ring-road is such that, if the player is to travel by road alone, it is impossible to enter Las Venturas without traveling on it. Julius Thruway is named after Julius Rosenberg, an American-born communist and Soviet spy.


Julius Thruway North

The northern arm of the freeway connects to Julius Thruway West at the Pilson Intersection, and to Julius Thruway East and the Harry Gold Parkway. It provides service to K.A.C.C. Military Fuels and the Prickle Pine district. This also connects (at the Pilson Intersection) to the highway heading northwest out of Las Venturas toward Verdant Meadows. The word "north" in the name can be somewhat misleading though, since it does not provide any direct access to the northern areas of Las Venturas. The closest exits to these areas are the northernmost exits on the East and West sections.

Julius Thruway East

The eastern arm of the freeway, providing service to the Creek, Pilgrim, Linden Side and Old Venturas Strip districts, as well as the eastern portions of casinos such as The Camel's Toe, Come-A-Lot and Caligula's Palace. This connects to Julius Thruway North and South.

Julius Thruway West

The western arm of the freeway, providing service to Las Venturas Airport, Blackfield Stadium, and Greenglass College. This connects to Julius Thruway North at the Pilson Intersection and to Julius Thruway South at the Blackfield Intersection, where it also connects to the major highway servicing Bone County and Tierra Robada.

Julius Thruway South

The southern arm of the freeway, providing service to The Strip, Rockshore West, Rockshore East, Blackfield Chapel, and Randolph Industrial Estate. This connects to Julius Thruway East and the Harry Gold Parkway. At the Blackfield Intersection, it connects to Julius Thruway West and the major highway servicing Bone County and Tierra Robada.


Exits are measured starting from The Strip.

Exits Destination Remarks
The Strip North: The Strip 3 way intersection
Harry Gold Parkway

North: Harry Gold Parkway, Las Venturas Airport

South: Red County, Los Santos

4 way intersection
Blackfield Intersection West: Bone County via the Las Venturas Highway T-bone interchange
Whitewood Estates - Redsands West

West: Whitewood Estates

East: Redsands West

Diamond interchange
Pilson Intersection West: Bone County T-bone interchange
Harry Gold Parkway South: Redsands East, Las Venturas Airport Half trumpet interchange
Pilgrim - Creek

West: Pilgrim, Roca Escalante, Old Venturas Strip

East: Creek

Diamond interchange
Pilgrim - Linden Station

West: Pilgrim

East: Linden Station

Diamond interchange
Rockshore West

North: Come-A-Lot

South: Rockshore West, Rockshore East

Diamond interchange



  • The Julius Thruway has a total length of 3.7 miles (5.95 kilometres).
  • Police chatter says the Julius Thruway West vicinity was called Julius Thruway South for unknown reasons.
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