Julio Ochoa is an unseen character in the Grand Theft Auto series. He served as the mayor of Liberty City during the events of Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes (set during 2008).


Events of GTA IV

Ochoa does not appear during the game, but he is mentioned frequently by the in-game media such as on websites and also during some missions and in the Higgins Helitours. The closest he came to an appearance was in The Lost and Damned, while Thomas Stubbs III receives a call on his cellphone from Johnny Klebitz, while Stubbs is in a meeting with him. Jon Gravelli claims he was going to receive a visit from him in the hospital, he also claimed that he was going to receive a visit from two US Senators.

It has been mentioned on the radio that Ochoa began a campaign to make the sale and possession of firearms illegal, and he also launched cases against Ammu-Nation stores across the country. These regulations, however, have proved to be massively ineffective to prevent crime.

During a Helitour, the pilot mentions to Niko and the other tourists that Ochoa eased safety restrictions on helicopters and their pilots. Julio Ochoa also settled the Diamonds case when he allowed Jerry Kapowitz to keep all proceeds on the sale of the diamonds after he found them, despite over a hundred claims of their ownership. The reason given was that it would be impossible to verify the claims. It would make him extremely unpopular with a number of people in the Liberty City underworld.

Events of GTA Chinatown Wars

It is unknown if Ochoa is still mayor during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, as an Ammu-Nation website has been set up, which contradicts Ochoa's gun regulations.

Additionally, in the in-game film Meltdown, it is revealed that Liberty City has another mayor, named Mayor Mongelli, who bears a strong resemblance to Michael Bloomberg, New York's real-life mayor from 2002 to 2014. It is unknown if Mayor Mongelli is supposed to be Liberty City's succeeding mayor after Ochoa.


Julio Ochoa appears to be based on Fernando "Freedy" Ferrer, a Democratic Party nominee for New York mayor in 2005.


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