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You people got to learn the difference between a rapper and a gangster. A rapper is someone who talks a lot and gets paid a lot of money for, but don't actually run around with a gun. A gangster is a guy with a gun who kills people and spends most of his adult life in prison. They ain't the same thing yo, no matter what anybody says. Keep it real.
— Julio G

Julio G in real life

Julio G (born as Julio Gonzalez in 1969 in Lynwood, California) is the DJ for the Radio Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, set in 1992.


Julio G is a very calm and collected person who is simply a rap/hip-hop aficionado. He comments on many bad going-ons in Los Santos, persuading people to take a non-violent approach to all things, in hope of helping the community fight crime and getting drugs off the streets in Los Santos. Sometimes after a mission, Julio gives out weather reports and news regarding events such as the Ballas taking over again and the Grove Street Families rise again in Los Santos. He also comments during riots, telling people to stop rioting, that it is not cool and people are destroying their own hoods.

He appears to have a dislike of Forth Right MC's commentary on Playback FM, claiming that the music on the station is great, but "the DJ is whack."

Julio G is voiced as himself, and is a real life DJ from Lynwood, California.

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