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"In this battle between teams, the Juggernaut is your greatest asset and only liability. If you take out the opposing Juggernaut without being crushed by it, you win."
―In-game description.

Juggernaut[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Import/Export update, released on December 22, 2016, during the Festive Surprise 2016 event.


"It's a clash of the titans in Juggernaut, the latest adrenaline-fueled Adversary Mode to hit GTA Online. In this brutal war between two opposing teams, the Juggernaut is your greatest asset and your only liability. As an Attacker, you'll need to flank, swarm and successfully execute the opposing team's heavily-reinforced Juggernaut - while protecting your own - to take the win. If your team is unable to wipe out the opposition's Juggernaut in time, Sudden Death rules go into effect and everyone becomes a Juggernaut. First kill wins though, so you'll want to be aggressive in trying to take first blood."
Rockstar Newswire description.


This mode pits two teams against each other, with one player on each squad assuming the role of the Juggernaut. As the team's Juggernaut is slow and is the main target, it has heavy armour and a much better arsenal than the other players, being given a Minigun, 2 rounds of the Railgun, and 5 Proximity Mines. The other players on each team are given the Pistol, Micro SMG, Pump Shotgun, the Assault Rifle, and a single Grenade.


It is vital to know how to use the map and objects to your advantage. Taking cover very often helps to avoid being attacked easily, though players still need to ensure they are not flanked.

  • Sticking with the Juggernaut helps, as it will provide heavy support and the opposing team will have difficulty directly engaging the enemy's Juggernaut. This also provides support for your Juggernaut, since its mobility is lower compared to the attackers.
  • Some maps will have stationary vehicles, which can provide cover, but the players have to be careful as the enemy team can destroy these, killing nearby players in the explosion.
  • The Juggernaut's primary weapon, the Minigun, has infinite ammo, so they do not have to worry about running out of ammo.


Image Location Map
JuggernautI-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut I takes place in Grand Senora Desert, around Thomson Scrapyard. JuggernautI-GTAO-Map
JuggernautII-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut II takes place in Grapeseed, around the O'Neil Ranch. JuggernautII-GTAO-Map
JuggernautIII-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut III takes place in Downtown Los Santos, on the overpass/underpass of Pillbox Hill. JuggernautIII-GTAO-Map
JuggernautIV-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut IV takes place at Davis Quartz. JuggernautIV-GTAO-Map
JuggernautV-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut V takes place in La Mesa, on the Los Santos River. JuggernautV-GTAO-Map
JuggernautVI-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut VI takes place in El Burro Heights, around the Car Scrapyard. JuggernautVI-GTAO-Map
JuggernautVII-GTAO-JobImage Juggernaut VII takes place at LSIA, around the large round structure on New Empire Way. JuggernautVII-GTAO-Map
Released in Gunrunning
BunkerJuggernaut-GTAO-JobImage Bunker - Every Bullet Counts* takes place in the Bunker. BunkerJuggernaut-GTAO-Map
Released in Arena War
MissileBaseJuggernaut-GTAO-JobImage Missile Base - Every Bullet Counts* takes place in the missile base from The Doomsday Scenario. MissileBaseJuggernaut-GTAO-Map

* This map is listed as part of its own group.

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