The Jugular Jug MkII is a saloon in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Assuming the appearance of a rounded four-door saloon, the Jug MkII's name strongly implies the car is a recreation of a Jaguar Mark 2; unlike its real-life counterpart, however, the Jug has a more angular front end and a rounder rear end.

The Jug MkII's existence in the game is likely to be inspired by the Jaguar Mark 2's real-life popularity among British criminals in the 1960s, who favour its speedy engine and its ample room that can hold 5 adults; the car was so popular as a getaway car that British police began using Jaguar Mark 2's of their own to "fight fire with fire". The Jaguar Mark 2 is also known in pop culture by its appearance in the British television show Inspector Morse, where a red Jaguar Mark 2 with a black roof is driven by Inspector Morse himself; the colour scheme finds its way into GTA London 1969 as one of the Jug MkII's colour schemes.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

Despite the Jaguar Mark 2's history as a getaway car, the Jug MkII's performance is actually poorer, with a low top speed, slightly above average acceleration and average brakes. However, the car does have good grip and excellent handling.



Main article: Copper

The Copper in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 is the police version of the Jug MkII.

Royal Pain

Main article: Royal Pain

The Royal Pain is the armed and armored version of the Jug MkII (having been inflated in size), as a replacement of a traditional Tank. It appears only in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

  • The car's base export value is significantly high, selling at £1,000 if delivered in perfect condition.


  • Despite being based on a four-door car, the Jug MkII's deltas indicate it only has two doors that can be opened.

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