The Jugular Jug D Type is a race car in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

Similar to the Ferocious 250, the Jug D Type is an open top race car, based in both the design and name on the Jaguar D-Type, incorporating the streamlined body design and a driver-side tailfin at the back, as well as supporting only one occupant.

While supporting multiple body colours, the Jug D Type will consistently retain the "7" racing number. In addition, despite its appearance as a race car, the car does appear in traffic.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

The Jug D Type's performance, as expected, good for its use as a racing vehicle. The car ranks slightly above the Ferocious 250, with slightly better top speed and acceleration; otherwise, the car shares the same excellent braking, turning radius and handling as the Ferocious 250.


Grand Theft Auto: London 1961

  • The car's base value is half that of the Ferocious 250, selling at only £600 in mint condition when exported.

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