Juank Air is an airline based in the State of San Andreas that appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Juank Air provides air travel between the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, via the Los Santos International Airport, the Easter Bay International Airport and the Las Venturas Airport, respectively. The airline probably operates out of San Andreas, as when Carl Johnson travels from Liberty City back to Los Santos, he takes a Juank Air flight.

The company continues to operate in 1998, as a sign for the company can be seen in Saint Mark's, Portland, Liberty City. Juank Air's fleet includes the AT-400 and the Nevada.

The name of the airline is a play on the word "wanker" (slang for someone who masturbates) and is emphasized further by featuring a fist in one of its logos, and its slogan ("flying with that personal touch"). The name of the airline may also be a play on the word "junk", a slang term for genitals, and a play on the word "janky", which is a slang term for something that is poor or low quality.

The player as CJ is able to take a flight between cities (that must be unlocked first). All flights between cities are served by the AT-400, which is strange as a Boeing 737 would not be an aircraft of choice for such short travels. Despite bearing the company's decals, the Nevada is never seen servicing, and can be only found parked in the San Fierro International Airport.

The alternate logo resembles that of Cameroon Airlines, Singapore Airlines, German airline Lufthansa, the old Japan Airlines, the old Korean Air, and Air Koryo logos.



  • The way the name of the company should be pronounced would be "Huank" or spelled out as "Wank", which is a British slang term for masturbation, or "you-ank air" which sounds like "you wanker". The billboard in Liberty City Stories has the motto "Indulge Yourself", a further reference.
  • The advert in Liberty City Stories shows a shot of the Yacht Harbor's entrance and Rodeo in Los Santos viewed from the north, although it is hard to see due to the low quality and the sunset background. It can be seen much clearer in the remastered version, however.
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