Jorge "Jorje Boy" is the Honduran "sidekick" of Lazlow Jones on Integrity 2.0 introduced in The Ballad of Gay Tony. According to Lazlow, "Jorje" is an intern and a co-producer in his show but it's more likely that Lazlow just tries to make a big deal of himself by having people around him. Jorge mostly confirms whatever Lazlow says or asks him to do.

A recurring gag is that he can barely speak English, and constantly makes fun of Lazlow by speaking in Spanish and having him not understand what he's saying. For example, when Jorge mentioned that he had worked earlier in Nicaragua, Lazlow translated it into "Nicotine Water", since "Agua", means water in Spanish.

Jorge is revealed to be from Honduras after he corrects Lazlow mistakenly saying he is from Peru. He has also worked in Nicaragua before moving to Liberty City. Jorge is in Liberty City illegally but that doesn't bother Lazlow at all probably because he doesn't want to pay Jorge very much.

He is voiced by Pailo Heitz.


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