Jonny Tung is a shoe store in Grand Theft Auto V.


Jonny Tung sells high end fashion designer shoes. Shoe boxes are present in Amanda De Santa and Tracey De Santa's bedrooms in the De Santa Residence.

Billboards can be seen advertising their goods. The brand is also sold in the Leopolds store, also located in Rockford Hills.

A coffee table book can also be found in some interiors.


The old store occupied the ground floor of a 10 story building on the corner of South Boulevard Del Perro and Dorset Drive in Rockford Hills. A billboard stretches the top 8 floors. There is a "For Lease" sign on the window and the interior (visible at night) would indicate the shoe retail business no longer operates from the premises.

The new store is located on the corner of Carcer Way, Portola Drive and Little Portola in Rockford Hills in a building co-occupied by Café Redemption


Jonny Tung seems likely to be a play on Jimmy Choo.

The old store location is based on 9737-9777 Wilshire Boulevard, while the new location is based on 210 North Rodeo Drive (Tiffany & Co). The real Rodeo Drive Jimmy Choo store is also replicated in game, as the Caca store on Portola Drive.


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