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Jonnie's Bar is a bar in Grand Theft Auto Advance. It is located in the Red Light District of Portland Island, Liberty City.

Events of GTA Advance

The bar is owned by Jonnie, the bartender. He was Vinnie's old friend, and in 2000, he find out that Vinnie was killed, and Mike finds Jonnie after being informed of this by 8-Ball.

Jonnie then employs Mike to do various missions, which are intended to pay off Vinnie's debt to him. The bar its attacked sometimes (drive-by) by some gang members as Jonnie says in one of his missions, and tells to Mike collect a rocket launcher guarded by some weapon smugglers in the docks.

After that, he informs Mike that a senator has enough support to pass an anti-smoking bill that would ban smoking in bars, which would be bad for business. Mike chase and beats up the senator, who agrees to get the bill dropped, also saving Jonnie's bar. However, Jonnie is in debt to King Courtney, leader of the Uptown Yardies, and needs money quickly to stop Courtney sending his men to hound him for the money. An associate has been playing him for a fool and has some money, which Mike can take. Later, Mike confronts him, demanding ten thousand dollars.

After Mike collects the money, he returns to the bar and finds Jonnie dead. A car speeds off with Mike giving chase, following the car on to Staunton. Its unknown what happened to the bar after that.

Mission Appearances

GTA Advance

Stationary vehicles

  • Banshee - Appears in the parking lot sometimes