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This radio station could disappear, the voice of unprofitable radio could be silenced. One day, you wake up, roll over, and she's gone. You go into the kitchen, there's a note sprawl, the sound of a taxi leaving in the distance, a thunderstorm rolls in, it's a metaphor for my haircut, or this pledge drive.
— Jonathan Freeloader hosting VCPR in 1986

Jonathan Freeloader is co-host of VCPR, alongside Michelle Montanius, from at least 1984 until at least 1986.


He has a disliking of Maurice Chavez.

Jonathan's house appears in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is the east-most house on Starfish Island and is mentioned by Freeloader on VCPR. In GTA Vice City his house is seen with radio antennas in front of it (indicating a possible radio station headquarters) and a Cheetah in the front. In GTA Vice City Stories the house has no antennas and a PCJ-600 spawns in front of it.

Before hosting VCPR, Jonathan worked on various networks, such as a news reporter on Channel 4 News.

Jonathan Freeloader is voiced by Patrick Olsen in both appearances.


  • Jonathan's last name is slang for someone who tends to mooch off of others as a means of income.