Joliet Street is a street in the HD Universe rendition of Liberty City. It has so far only featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes.


Located in South Bohan, Joliet is a small street, which, is located next to the East Borough Bridge. The street only stretches three blocks.


Events of GTA IV

Joliet Street is the setting for the mission Luck of the Irish by Elizabeta Torres. Niko Bellic snipes some thugs on the other side of the street to defend Packie and prevent him from dying. This street is also the setting for Shadow by Little Jacob, where Niko tiptoes behind a dealer and follows him to his drug apartment off Joliet.

Mission Appearances



  • Its name, like others in Liberty City, is a reference to the city of Joliet, Illinois. Although the street was named "Joliet Street" in-game, the street map calls it "Joliet Avenue".
  • Patrick McReary mispronounces it as "Joilet" as opposed to Joliet in Luck of the Irish.


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