Johnson's is a restaurant in Grand Theft Auto IV.


It is located on Crockett Avenue in Firefly Island and has been operating since 1970. The business is inaccessible to the player. Johnson's is open all year round, unlike many of the other businesses in Firefly Island which are seasonal and closed over winter.

Johnson's sells hot dogs, as well as other items such as seafood and Freedom Fries. The name is a reference to the term johnson, which is slang for a penis, another one of Rockstar's sexual innuendos. In addition, selling seafood including clams and crab implies further innuendo around getting crabs (aka pubic lice). The business does not appear to be licensed to sell alcohol, and advertises Sprunk.

The company parodies Nathan's Famous, and possibly Johnsonville.



  • The advertisement artwork to the left of the business has the slogan We're all dreaming of a bite of a nice big Johnson! [sic], further adding more sexual innuendo and referencing the act of oral sex.
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