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You got any idea in that pea brain head of yours who the fuck I am?
— Johnny Sindacco to Carl Johnson

Johnny Sindacco is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Johnny is the Underboss of the Sindacco crime family and son of the unnamed don of the Sindaccos.


Events of GTA San Andreas

Johnny and the Sindaccos are expanding their business interests into Las Venturas. When CJ first arrives in Las Venturas at Wu Zi Mu's recently opened casino, Johnny had been caught vandalising some of the slot machines. As Woozie's men are about to "get rid of" Johnny, Carl intervenes and instead; has Johnny tied to the front of a car, stomach down, facing the front windshield. Carl then drives the Feltzer around the city recklessly in order to frighten Johnny into telling him his name; which identifies the crime family he belongs to.

Having been traumatized by the experience, Johnny spends time recovering in the hospital in an induced coma. At one point, some Forelli thugs hijack Johnny's ambulance in order to kill him. As Carl is helping Ken Rosenberg to prevent a war breaking out between the Leone Crime Family, Forelli, and the Sindacco families, Carl steals the ambulance back from the Forelli thugs and drives Johnny back to safety.

However, when Carl later accompanies Ken to a meeting with Johnny, Johnny tells Ken that he still has "night terrors and some diarrhea" after, Johnny recognizes Carl, and not having fully recovered from his trauma, dies from a shock-induced heart attack, leading to a massive vengeful attack by Sindacco members.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas