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A brother might stab you in the back, a woman certainly will, but a bike will never let you down.
— Johnny Klebitz in one of his dialogues when meeting his crew in-game (Not cutscene).

Jonathan "Johnny" Klebitz is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series. He appears as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony, the protagonist of The Lost and Damned, a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, and makes a posthumous cameo appearance in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the San Andreas Mercenaries update.

He is voiced by Scott Hill.



Johnny was the vice president of The Lost MC, serving as an acting president while president Billy Grey was in rehab following his arrest in 2008. As acting president, Johnny maintained a relative peace between The Lost and the gang's rivals, The Angels of Death, though the truce is quickly broken following Billy's release later that same year. Billy's leadership creates many problems for The Lost, which Johnny attempts to solve by assisting both fellow gang members and other criminals in Liberty City. However, his and Billy's conflicting views on how the gang should be run lead to arguments between the two and their respective supporters, which eventually escalate into a civil war among The Lost. After Billy is arrested again during a failed attempt to set Johnny up, the latter becomes the official president of The Lost and ends the war. However, his efforts to save the gang prove ultimately fruitless, as a conflict with Ray Boccino leads to The Lost losing most of their members and clubhouse.

By 2013, the events of Grand Theft Auto V, Johnny and the remaining members of The Lost have relocated to Sandy Shores, Blaine County, where the gang was able to rebuild most of its manpower and entered a working business relationship with Trevor Philips. However, this partnership comes to an end after Johnny is murdered by Trevor when he confronts him about Trevor having sex with Johnny's former girlfriend, Ashley Butler. As of 2023, in Grand Theft Auto Online, his ghost haunts the Sandy Shores Beach Front Recreation Area during seasonal Halloween events.


Johnny Klebitz was born in 1974 in Acter, Alderney to a Jewish family. He has an older brother, Michael Klebitz, who used to be friends with Billy Grey when Johnny was 10. Ironically, Michael is a soldier serving in Iraq, and a law-abiding citizen, and criticizes Johnny's biker lifestyle and criminal association with Billy.

Adult Life[]

According to Billy, it was him who initiated a young Johnny into The Lost MC. Johnny's criminal record shows rigorous activity between 1991 and 1994, when Johnny would have been between 17 and 20. He was put in prison soon after, and had a parole violation in 2000, meaning he did up to six years. At one point, Johnny tells a friend of Thomas Stubbs that he has not had an annual salary since he "punched out license plates for a year in the joint". During Off Route, when driving the prison bus, Johnny compares it to "driving an eighteen-wheeler", suggesting he may have experience of truck driving. One of the patches on Johnny's jacket reads "I Rode Mine to Los Santos in 2004." Among his many scars, it has also been implied that he is weak or even blind in one eye; when talking to Clay Simons, he says "Oh. I should use my good eye." Also, during a conversation with Billy early on in The Lost and Damned, Johnny states that he weighs 230 lbs.

Johnny, unlike Billy, actually cares about business and goes to great lengths to keep the club running, but is quick to shut down anyone who is wrong or disobeys him. Alongside his best friend Jim Fitzgerald, Johnny seems to care the most about The Lost out of everyone in the gang. Johnny is also much more headstrong and sensible than the other bikers.

Johnny and Ashley Butler used to date, but he ended the relationship with her due to her affair with Billy, as well as her drug addiction, which Johnny believes ruined her life. Despite this, he is shown to still care about Ashley and will do anything to protect her, such as the time he dropped what he was doing to give her aid upon receiving a phone call from her. Johnny also sympathizes with Roman Bellic, a complete stranger to him, later in the mission Roman's Holiday, even asking the Russians to go easy on him, though Johnny had no choice in the kidnapping, as it was the only way to pay off Ashley's debt to Dimitri Rascalov.

Events of The Lost and Damned[]

In 2008, Billy is arrested for drug distribution and placed in a court-ordered rehab. As acting president of The Lost, Johnny manages to secure a truce with gang's longtime rivals, the Angels of Death, after selling Billy's bike. Immediately after Billy gets out of rehab, he becomes angry with Johnny for losing his bike, and leads The Lost, including Johnny, in an attack on the Angels to recover it. This creates tension between the two gangs, which quickly escalates into a new war between The Lost and the Angels of Death.

Johnny grows frustrated with Billy after the latter returns to his old habits and throws several parties at The Lost clubhouse to celebrate his release instead of focusing on how to better run the gang and raise money. While being visited by part-time lawyer, part-time biker Dave Grossman, Johnny has a sit-down with Billy to discuss the growing tension between them. Just as they start agreeing with each other's point of view, Billy is informed of several members of The Lost being jumped by the Angels of Death. Johnny joins Billy and other bikers to rescue the attacked Lost members, after which Billy is informed of the death of Jason Michaels, who was killed by an Eastern European in Broker. Billy manipulates the situation by blaming the Angels of Death, and rallies The Lost to attack their clubhouse. During the attack, Billy finds two duffel bags full of heroin and steals them with the intention of selling them. This creates even more tension between him and Johnny.

Billy later asks Johnny to meet with Elizabeta Torres, who found a buyer for the stolen heroin. Joined by Elizabeta's associates Niko Bellic and Playboy X, Johnny attempts to sell the heroin, but the deal is revealed to be an LCPD sting operation. After some commotion, Johnny is able to escape with the heroin. Shortly after, Billy sends Johnny to meet with Congressman Thomas Stubbs III to help him with "some dirty laundry" and other sensitive situations, believing Stubbs' friendship will prove useful to The Lost in the near future.

Eventually, The Lost find that the stolen heroin belonged to the Triads, and Johnny and Jim advise to return it to avoid another conflict. After some debating, Billy and The Lost's secretary, Brian Jeremy, agree with them, but although they accompany them to the deal's location, they refuse to partake in the exchange, electing to stand guard. Unbeknownst to Johnny and Jim, Billy met with the Triads leader earlier and told him that they can kill the pair on sight, having become angry with their disloyalty to him. As soon as Johnny and Jim meet with the Triads, they are attacked, forcing them to abandon the heroin and escape. During the commotion, Billy attempts to abandon the pair, but crashes his bike and is arrested by the LCPD, while furiously yelling that Johnny set him up.

Following this incident, Johnny becomes the official president of The Lost, but finds his leadership being challenged by Brian, who blames Johnny for Billy's arrest and has formed his own faction of loyalists within the gang. After some failed peace negotiations, Johnny's faction and Brian's faction go to war, which eventually comes to an end after Ray Boccino, who regularly does deals with The Lost and wishes to resume business, betrays Brian by revealing his hideout, allowing Johnny to go there and deal with him.

During this time, Jim introduces Johnny to Malc and DeSean of the Uptown Riders, who he later finds himself paired with during a few jobs for Elizabeta. Ashley also contacts Johnny for assistance, as she is indebted to Dimitri Rascalov's men. A reluctant Johnny agrees to help, and kidnaps Roman Bellic with Malc's help, delivering him to a warehouse in Bohan as instructed.

Eventually, Boccino decides to call in the favor Johnny owes him, and reaches out to him through Ashley. Boccino instructs Johnny to steal a shipment of diamonds about to be bought by Tony Prince, which he does successfully, before hiding them in trash bags so that Boccino's men can retrieve them after the heat goes down. Once the diamonds are recovered, Boccino sends Johnny to accompany Niko Bellic to The Libertonian so that they can sell them to the Jewish mob, offering to split the profit 50/50. However, the deal is ambushed by Luis Lopez, and in the confusion, Johnny decides to betray Boccino and escape with the money, which he delivers to Jim. Furious upon learning of this from Niko, Boccino has Jim captured and tortured before using his phone to lure Johnny to Drusilla's. The pair manage to escape and split up, but afer dealing with hitmen sent by Boccino, Johnny is informed by Ashley that Jim was killed (secretly by Niko).

Following this loss, Thomas Stubbs visits Johnny at the clubhouse and warns him to stay away from Boccino, who is being monitored by the feds and will likely be dead or in jail within a month or so. Stubbs also reveals that Billy plans to rat out Johnny and other members of The Lost to enter witness protection, prompting Johnny to rally the gang to storm the Alderney State Correctional Facility and silence Billy. Although the assault leaves many Lost members dead, Johnny is able to execute Billy before he and the survivors return to the clubhouse. Finding it ransacked by Boccino's men, Johnny and the remaining Lost members conclude that their Alderney chapter is over and decide to burn down the clubhouse, watching it burn from outside.

Post-The Lost and Damned[]

After the completion of the story, Johnny's life is in turmoil. Billy's betrayal has caused the Alderney chapter of The Lost to be left in ruins, with the only remaining members being Terry Thorpe, Clay Simons, Angus Martin, and Johnny himself. Johnny stops contacting Ashley after she asks him to give her $40 which Johnny declines – knowing she would use it to buy more drugs. Johnny even confesses to Angus that he doesn't see any good in Ashley other than the need for her to, in his words, "fuck up everything around her". Johnny also cuts his ties with Thomas Stubbs, declining his offer to work for him and sarcastically wishing him good luck in his corrupt life. In a phone call he makes to Angus, Johnny reveals his intentions to distance himself from The Lost and the criminal lifestyle for the time being, as he wants to focus on sending money to Jim's widow and child – which is the $2 million he stole from the diamond deal ambush.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online (before GTA V)[]

At some point between 2008 and 2013, Johnny returned to the criminal lifestyle and he, Terry, Clay, Ashley and several other members of The Lost relocated to Blaine County, San Andreas, where they set up a new chapter. The gang then became heavily involved in drugs and arms trading. Johnny also quickly became addicted to meth – most likely due to Ashley's influence, who he got back together with – making him much thinner and psychologically unstable. During this period, The Lost became affiliated with Trevor Philips, who ran a trading business here as well. The relationship between them seemed to be shaky however, as Trevor frequently sent a hitman to steal goods from The Lost and often had sex with Ashley, much to Johnny's chagrin.

While Johnny does not make any physical appearances in Grand Theft Auto Online, he is mentioned by Trevor's business partner Ron Jakowski in the mission Romance Isn't Dead.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V[]


I messed up.
— Johnny's final words.

In autumn 2013, Johnny finally decides to confront Trevor after the latter had sex with Ashley once again. Unfortunately for him, Trevor just found out that his former friend, Michael Townley, is still alive, and he snaps, throwing Johnny to the ground, smashing a Pißwasser beer bottle against his face, then repeatedly stomping on his head as Ron Jakowski, Wade Hebert, and Ashley all watch in horror. Trevor then leaves the scene with Ron and Wade to deal with the rest of The Lost chapter, leaving Ashley to mourn over Johnny's dead body.[1]

Johnny is later briefly mentioned on the second bail bond, in a conversation between Trevor and the bounty target, Larry Tupper.

He is also mentioned by the owner of the Sandy Shores Ammu-Nation branch owner, Melvin, stating that Johnny wasn't that bad of a guy, but then Trevor tells Melvin that he has a bit of Johnny on his foot if he is "pining for a reunion" with him, much to Melvin's horror.

Events of Grand Theft Auto Online (after GTA V)[]

— Johnny's ghost

Johnny Klebitz's ghost.

Johnny Klebitz haunting Trevor's former home.

In October 2023, Johnny appears as one of the 10 ghosts to be photographed for the Ghosts Exposed documentary series team during the Halloween event as part of the continuation of the San Andreas Mercenaries update. He appears in his place of death, in front of Trevor's former home in Sandy Shores, near the Sandy Shores Beach Front Recreation Area sign.

His appearance as a ghost is similar to that of Jolene Cranley-Evans' ghost – floating in mid-air, with invisible hands and feet, featuring glowing eyes and slowed voice with an echo effect. Some of his lines used while confronting Trevor Philips are used by his ghost, including a slowed version of The Lost and Damned ending theme song. Johnny does not play a significant role in GTA Online's story whatsoever, appearing only as a form of collectible.

Voice Lines:

  • Trevor!
  • We all get high!
  • You been with my girl again?
  • I'm speaking with you, asshole.
  • I still love her.



Johnny is relaxed and laid back most of the time. He wants to think all plans and actions through and doesn't want to make any risky decisions. He is very easily angered and will become aggressive and violent when provoked. He shows some hesitation about killing people whom he thinks don't deserve it, and also has his limit about killing. He is reluctant to kill Brian Jeremy and Billy Grey because he considered them his "brothers" in the past, even if they betrayed and tried to kill him. On one occasion, he also asks Elizabeta if killing so many people on a job was really necessary. Overall, Johnny's attitude about murder seems to be that he is capable of doing so in cold blood but believes that the murder should be justified.

Johnny will always carry out orders given to him even if he disagrees with them, but will vent his frustration when doing so. Over the course of Clean and Serene, Johnny claims that he has given up on faith and instead believes in religion. Johnny has an anti-war and anti-politics stance, claiming both exist to "make the fat cats fatter". Johnny has a strong disliking for cars, referring to them as "cages".

In terms of morality, Johnny is one of the most moral GTA protagonists, being one of the few to successfully leave behind the criminal lifestyle, at the end of The Lost and Damned's main storyline. He did so because the Alderney chapter of The Lost was essentially over, but also due to the guilt he felt for his role in Jim Fitzgerald's death, which led him to give most of his money to Jim's widow and child. However, he eventually relapsed into his criminal habits by the time the events of Grand Theft Auto V take place, and met his demise because of this, similarly to Victor Vance, who was killed in an ambushed drug deal after returning to dealing drugs with his brother Lance.

By 2013, Johnny has developed an out-of-control meth addiction and, as a result, has become mentally and physically weaker. Because of this, he is easily intimidated and overpowered by Trevor and seems to have lost most of his courage. Johnny's drug addiction is most likely a result of Ashley's influence, as the two got back together after Johnny previously cut ties with her because she refused to improve her life and fight her addiction.


Johnny has hazel eyes, dark blond buzzcut hair and a horseshoe moustache. Johnny has plenty of scars on his face that were gained most likely during many brutal fights, some of which include two scars on his right eyebrow and a scar on his left cheek. His nose is unusually crooked, likely due to a fight or an accident. Johnny has one weak eye, as when failing at air hockey or pool, he justifies it by saying "Oh, I should use my good eye". Johnny also has many physical injuries from a few serious motorbike accidents. Many of those injuries he received are a broken nose and a lack of speed when walking, running, or sprinting. Johnny has a number of tattoos, such as a demonic face on the right side of his neck. He also wears a golden earring in his left ear; however, this is absent in GTA IV and GTA V.

Unlike Niko, who was much more slender in appearance, Johnny is a much more brawny, burly and heavily built character (possibly built up during his time in prison). During Clean and Serene, Johnny mentions that he weighs 230 lb. His clothing and basic appearance has changed drastically since Grand Theft Auto IV. In GTA IV, he does not wear his black jacket with the current Lost MC patch on the back. He, instead, wears a light brown vest with a darker Lost MC patch on the back, and beige pants with brown Hinterland boots. His skin is paler than in The Lost and Damned, and some of his scars and tattoos on his face are a bit more visible. He is also more slender. In The Ballad of Gay Tony he looks exactly the same as in The Lost and Damned, although his Vice President patch is still present during both Frosting on the Cake and Not So Fast. In Grand Theft Auto V, however, Johnny has become much thinner, his skin is paler and he has more visible scars on his face, a result of his methamphetamine addiction. His outfit is almost identical as in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, with the exception of blue pants rather than gray.

Johnny is an extremely dirty and unhygienic character. He only ever wears his The Lost MC jacket and during his idle animations, he'll often sniff his underarms with a disgusted reaction from doing so. Stubbs himself mentioned Johnny's body odor, stating that he commits a "crime against hygiene" (this can be heard during a phone call in one of the Stubbs' Dirty Laundry side missions).


The following patches appear on Johnny's jacket:

  • Vice President - Showing Johnny's position within the club. This changes to President after completing This Shit's Cursed, though it changes back in GTA V.
  • TLMC - An abbreviation of the club's name.
  • White Wings - Indicates that he had sex with a virgin.
  • Golden Wings - Indicates that he has drank a woman's urine.
  • Brown Wings - Indicates that he has performed oral-anal sex on a woman.
  • Red Wings - Indicates that he has performed oral sex on a menstruating woman.
  • I Rode Mine to Los Santos in 2004 - He, Brian, and Terry are the only members who have this patch.
  • Skull - Indicates that he has killed for the club.
  • 8-Ball - Indicates that he has served time for the club.
  • Loyal - Indicates his loyalty to the club (during The Lost civil war).

Murders Committed by Johnny Klebitz[]

Victim Mission Killed Reason
Ed McCornish Bad Cop Drop Murdered for blackmailing him and Jim Fitzgerald.
Jimmy Matthews Bad Cop Drop Murdered for blackmailing him and Jim Fitzgerald.
Arthur Stubbs Politics Murdered on the orders of Thomas Stubbs III so that he would inherit his fortune.
Congressman First Impressions Murdered on the orders of Thomas Stubbs III so that he could use his death to further his own re-election campaign.
Dan Communication Breakdown Murdered on the orders of Thomas Stubbs III for working on a case against him.
Brian Jeremy Bad Standing / Random encounter Murdered for betraying him, forming his own faction, and trying to kill him. If spared in Bad Standing, he is later killed in a random encounter.
Evan Moss Diamonds in the Rough Murdered in order to get the diamonds.
Billy Grey Get Lost Murdered for betraying him and attempting to turn state's evidence against him and The Lost MC.

Optional murders[]

Victim Mission Reason
Random Biker End of Chapter Can be killed during End of Chapter. If Johnny doesn't kill him, he will be killed by either Jim Fitzgerald, Terry Thorpe, or Clay Simons.

LCPD Database Record[]

A - E
F - J
K - O
P - U
V - Z
Acter, Alderney
Member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost OMG.
1991 - Grand Theft Auto

1993 - Assault
1994 - Manslaughter

2000 - Parole Violation
- Believed to be the second in command of the Alderney City chapter of the Lost Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.

- Assumed control of the gang when its head, Billy Grey, had been incarcerated.
- Exact nature of the relationship between Grey and Klebitz is unknown.
- Unclear who will assume control of the gang when Grey is released from prison.
- Under his command, the Lost OMG has been able to co-exist with their rivals the Angels of Death OMG in relative peace.

- Ties to known South Bohan drug dealer, Elizabeta Torres.


Johnny's primary mode of transportation was a customized LCC Hexer with a white and blue paintjob, a reference to his Jewish heritage (white and blue are the colours of the flag of Israel). In the mission Shifting Weight, Johnny's bike is destroyed after its gas tank is shot with a glock, but it reappears in full working order after the mission, suggesting it was repaired. In his appearances in Grand Theft Auto IV, Johnny rode a red Hellfury. It is unknown if Johnny still had his Hexer when he was living in Blaine County.

Mission Appearances[]

Grand Theft Auto IV[]

The Lost and Damned[]

The Ballad of Gay Tony[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]



Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes from Liberty City[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Character Trailer[]


GTA IV- The Lost and Damned Trailer - Johnny Klebitz



  • Johnny is extremely similar to John Marston, the main protagonist from another Rockstar game, Red Dead Redemption, and the secondary protagonist from its prequel Red Dead Redemption II.
    • Both speak with very coarse voices and have shady backgrounds, both rode in a gang and were betrayed by their gang's leader after they had gone insane.
    • Both Marston and Klebitz are called "Johnny Boy" by other characters.
    • Both are possibly blind in one eye.
    • Both are canonically killed on screen.
    • Both were killed by a person that they had an uneasy working relationship with, in Klebitz's case it was Trevor Philips, while in Marston's case, it was Edgar Ross.
    • When both Klebitz and Marston were killed, their bodies were cradled by the women they loved. In Klebitz's case it was Ashley Butler, while in Marston's case it was his wife, Abigail Marston. Both Ashley and Abigail would later die as well.
    • Both have a skeptical and hating view of how the US Government operates, yet, they are forced to work for a government agent/politician in order to save themselves and the ones they care about (In Klebitz's case it was himself and his club, and in Marston's case it was himself and his family).
    • Both speak some Spanish through the game, but are otherwise clueless about most of the language (like how Johnny is unable to properly interact with Marta, or John cannot understand everyone in Nuevo Paraiso).
    • Women of both were "every man's wife" or the gang's whore at some point of their lives.
    • Both have antagonists named Billy.
    • Johnny is able to play Hi-Lo and Arm Wrestling, which are activities that can also be done in Red Dead Redemption.
    • Both pictured with Sawn-Off Shotgun on their official artworks.
    • Both were involved in kidnapping at least once. In Johnny's case it was kidnapping Niko's cousin, while in Marston's case it was bounty hunting.
    • Both eventually returned "back from the dead" in some form in a Halloween-related content (Marston as a playable zombie in Undead Nightmare and Klebitz as a ghost in San Andreas Mercenaries), except Marston's return happened in an alternative universe.
  • Not counting radio characters and celebrities with their different reality versions (e.g. Lazlow Jones), Johnny Klebitz and Patrick McReary are the two characters with the most physical appearances in the series, appearing in five total games.
  • Although not directly, it is implied that Johnny has little to no experience in aviation. By contrast, Niko was a pilot during the war and Luis has a Pilots License Certificate in his apartment.
  • In both TBoGT and GTA V, Johnny's jacket sports a "Vice President" patch instead of the "President" patch he wears at the end of TLAD.
  • Johnny's name is misspelled "Johnnny" on the Downloads section on Rockstar's website.[2]

Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City[]

  • Johnny's physical appearance from GTA IV to The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony had slightly changed. In the original GTA IV, he wore a beige vest with The Lost MC logo on the back, the same jeans and Hinterland boots. Many of his tattoos were also shown. Some of his scars were more visible too.
  • A Game Informer preview states that Johnny could originally change outfits in TLAD: Johnny had 2 outfits, one he wears in GTA IV and the one he wears in TLAD and TBoGT.
  • Johnny walks, runs, and sprints slightly slower than Niko and Luis. It is implied that this is from a motorcycle crash as he exclaims "Oh not again!" or "Not another crash!" when crashing into things during gameplay.
  • Johnny has another "pair of pants". It appears that the texture files include another texture for the pants model, but it was never used in-game.
  • According to previews of TLAD, Johnny had the ability to date girlfriends.
  • One of Johnny's patches says, "I Rode Mine to Los Santos in 2004." This means that Johnny was in San Andreas in 2004 along with Brian Jeremy and Terry Thorpe, who have the same patch.
  • While being chased on foot by police, Johnny may shout, "I'm a patriot!" which is reminiscent of outlaw bikers, as they are known for their patriotism.
    • However, in Johnny's case, he may be saying this ironically, as Johnny has cynical views on the US Government.
  • Johnny's favorite radio stations are Liberty Rock Radio and Liberty City Hardcore.
  • Johnny and Brian Jeremy have the exact same tattoo on the back right side of their necks of a demonic face, suggesting that at one point Johnny and Brian were actually close brothers.
  • In TLAD, Johnny has a tribal tattoo on his right hand that is missing in GTA V. This is most likely a developer oversight, unless he had it removed over the years.
  • Johnny's animation for pulling out his phone is different than that of Niko and Luis'; as opposed to the latter two, who simply look down and the phone appears in their right hand, Johnny's animation is almost reminiscent of Carl Johnson's, seemingly pulling the phone out of his back pocket.
  • Johnny appears to very much enjoy the routines at the Split Sides Comedy Club, as he is shown to be smiling and often clapping his hands, unlike Niko who will always watch with a deadpan face.

Grand Theft Auto V[]

  • Johnny's eye color changes from the GTA IV era to the GTA V era. In GTA IV and its episodes, his eyes are green, but in GTA V, they are brown.
  • Johnny is the second protagonist in the GTA series to be killed canonically onscreen after Victor Vance from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories who was killed in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
    • He is also the only protagonist to be canonically killed by another protagonist (Trevor Philips).
    • Johnny and Victor's deaths have similar circumstances, as they both died as a direct result of returning to their criminal lives after previously abandoning them. In both cases, this relapse may have been caused or at least influenced by another character (Ashley Butler for Johnny, and Lance Vance for Victor).
  • A picture of Johnny can be found on newspapers in Los Santos. The newspaper article is actually the same newspaper used in GTA IV as an Easter egg with a picture of Donald Love and the article title: "Love's Hate Relationship with Taxes". The newspaper article in GTA V still has the same title, but with Johnny's picture replacing Donald's.

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

  • In the GTA Online: Bikers update, there is a jacket that looks almost identical to the one Johnny wears in GTA V.
  • The same newspaper mentioned above can be found in Cayo Perico. These are actually re-used props from Los Santos and Blaine County.

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  1. Gold Medal requirement for Mr. Philips mission was confirmed canon in GTA Online: Bikers.

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[ ve ]Characters in The Lost and Damned
ProtagonistJohnny Klebitz
Central charactersBilly GreyJim FitzgeraldBrian JeremyTerry ThorpeClay Simons
Main charactersAngus MartinAshley ButlerThomas StubbsMalcDeSeanRay BoccinoElizabeta Torres
Supporting charactersJason MichaelsAgent JonesRandom BikerAndreasMartaEd McCornishJimmy MatthewsNiko BellicLuis Fernando LopezPlayboy X
Minor charactersAngels of Death lieutenantArthur StubbsBernie CraneBug expertCarmen OrtizChadCharlieCrack HoCurtis StockerDanDerrick McRearyEvan MossHorse (informant)Horse (The Lost MC member)Isaac RothIvan BytchkovJerome PilchardKay HartmanLeavisLennox KincadeLester ArnoldLost MC LadyMilton SavanahMori GreenMr. RonceroPretty BoyRandom BikerRay's goonRoman BellicRoman's KidnapperKidnapper's Accomplice† • The CookTony PrinceTriad 1Vladimir GlebovUnnamed Congressman
Random charactersDave Grossman
Other charactersSteveKelly
† denotes Deceased, Italics denote a status determined by the player's choice
Characters in TLADCategory:Characters in TLADThe Lost and DamnedCategory:Characters
[ ve ]Characters in The Ballad of Gay Tony
ProtagonistLuis Fernando Lopez
Central charactersTony PrinceYusuf AmirArmando TorresHenrique BardasRocco Pelosi† • Ray Bulgarin
Main charactersMori KibbutzBrucie KibbutzAdriana Yanira LopezTimur† • Uncle Vince† • Evan Moss† • Gracie Ancelotti
Supporting charactersRoman BellicPatrick McRearyDerrick McReary† • DessieTroyGalina BulgarinAbdul AmirJoniThe CelebinatorNiko BellicJohnny Klebitz† • Ahmed Khaleel† • Al Di NapoliAleks ThorntonAlfonso Vasquez Jr.AnaBlue BrothersBilly Grey† • British PrinceBruce SpadeChase Point Dealer† • Chris HuntCindy the WaitressCindy (Booty Call)Clay 'PG' JacksonCloe ParkerCostas† • DanaDanniDominoEugene Reaper† • Frickie Van Hardenburg† • Jack Duffy† • JacobIsaac Roth† • Jerry KapowitzJojoJonelleKay HartmanKerry McIntoshLilyMarki Ashvilli† • MauriceMel Toblowsky† • Michael Keane† • MoniqueMori Green† • Mr. SantoOscar GomezPapiDJ PaulPoppy MitchellSharon MortonTahir Saaed† • TamiTaniaTaylorThe Cook† • Triad 1Union OfficialVic Manzano† • Vicki
Random charactersArnaudDaisy Cash-CoozeMargot Summers
Mentioned charactersAbigail GraysonAlonso GomezAnn LanksBill JewellCarmen OrtizCharlotte CrownDani LupisellaDelancey MeduaDenzel LissErnesto LopezGiovanni AncelottiIsaac HammersteinJason PrineJimmy BostonJohn O'ConnellJudith KibbutzLeta Lopez-WilkinsonLewis GeorgesMarcusMiss TerrieMr. LopezNick LancasterRoy ZitoSuphot PaciTony ArmsWilly Valerio
Other charactersJaseMiranda CowanTerrorism ExpertRobVikkyZack AdhemSteveKellyMalcolm ForthrightUnnamed Bleeter founder
† denotes Deceased, Italics denotes a status determined by the player's choice
Characters in TBOGTCategory:Characters in TBOGTThe Ballad of Gay TonyCategory:Characters
[ ve ]Characters in Grand Theft Auto V
ProtagonistsMichael De Santa | Franklin Clinton | Trevor Philips
Central charactersLester Crest | Lamar Davis | Dave Norton | Steve Haines | Devin Weston | Harold "Stretch" Joseph | Wei Cheng
Main charactersAmanda De Santa | Jimmy De Santa | Tracey De Santa | Martin Madrazo | Patricia Madrazo | Ron Jakowski | Wade Hebert | Solomon Richards | Molly Schultz | Brad Snider | Chop
Supporting & minor characters
SupportingAndreas Sanchez | Denise Clinton | Fabien LaRouche | Floyd Hebert | Isiah Friedlander | Lazlow Jones | Tanisha Jackson | Tao Cheng | Cheng's Translator | Simeon Yetarian
MinorAaron Ingram | Ahron Ward | Al Di Napoli | Albert Stalley | Alex | Anton Beaudelaire | Art Student | Ashley Butler | Baby D | Barbara Watkins | Blake | Bob Mulét Stylist | Boonie | Brandon Roberts | Brett Lowrey | Carlos | Casey | Cathi | Chad Mulligan | Chico | Chip Peterson | Clay Simons | Curtis Weaver | D | Daisy Bell | Danny | Debra | Denise's Friend | Deputy Grimes | Deputy Kirkman | Dexie | Don Percival | Donato | Donna | Eddie Low | Emanuelle Pasorelli | Enzo Bonelli | Esteban Jimenez | Eva | Ferdinand Kerimov | Forrest | Freddy Slade | Getaway Driver | Gianni | Glenn Mather | Glenn Scoville | Greg Howles | Grove Street Dealer | Hailey Downs | Haines' pilot | Harvey Molina | Ira Richards | Isaac | Isaac Penny | Jackson | Jackson Skinner | Janet | Jaspers | Javier Madrazo | Javier Madrazo's pilot | Jay Norris | Jeff Chartier | Jeff Miller | Jewelry Store Clerk | Joe Lawton | Johnny Klebitz | Jolene Cranley-Evans | Joseph Womac | Julio Fabrizo | Justin | Karen Daniels | Katy Loden | Karina Pearl | Kerry McIntosh | Kidnapper | Kush-Chronic | Kyle Chavis | Larry Loden | Lenny Avery | Leon | Leroy | Libby Doe | Little Laita's Cousin | Lucien Stark | Magenta Andrews | Mark Fostenburg | Maria | MC Clip | Melisa Porche | Melvin | Molly Schultz's Driver | Moses | Natalia Zverovna | Nelson Strauser | Officer Jernigan | Ortega | Oscar Guzman | Patrick | Platform Juror | Ponsonbys Manager | Poppy Mitchell | Porndude | Princess Georgina | Rae | Raul | Rocco Pelosi | Rosalind | Ryan Philips | Sailboat Juror | Spider | Tracey's Stalker | Stanley | Suburban Clerk | Tahir Javan | Terry Thorpe | Tracker | Triad Knife Assassin | Tyler Dixon | United Liberty Paper contact | Underbelly Of Paradise Cameraman | Union Depository Bank Manager | Unknown LSPD Pilot | Unnamed Bobcat Security Guard | Unnamed Merryweather Pilot | Wallis | Zeus Karachi
Heist Crew MembersChef | Christian Feltz | Daryl Johns | Eddie Toh | Gustavo Mota | Hugh Welsh | Karim Denz | Karl Abolaji | Norm Richards | Paige Harris | Patrick McReary | Rickie Lukens | Taliana Martinez
Strangers and FreaksAbigail Mathers | Barry | Beverly Felton | Beverly Felton's Contact | Joe | Josef | Manuel | Cletus Ewing | Dom Beasley | Peter Dreyfuss | Madison Fox | Marnie Allen | Miranda Cowan | Jimmy Boston | Tom | Cris Formage | Hao | Josh Bernstein | Mary-Ann Quinn | Maude Eccles | Mrs. Philips | Nigel | Mrs. Thornhill | Omega | Phil | Sasquatch Hunter | Sasquatch Roleplayer | Tonya Wiggins | Willie
Random EventsAltruist Cult Leader | Altruist Cult Victim | Antonia Bottino | Castro Lagano | Mrs. Lagano | Drunk Couple | Drunk Driver | Girl Hitchhiking | Gray Nicholson | Groom in Trouble | Lacey Jonas | Runaway Bride | Saeeda Kadam | Space Monkey Street Artist | The Lost Fugitive | The Lost Girl | Timm | Ursula | Prison Escapee | Crazy Groom
Private Taxi FaresThe Three Bankers (Paulie, Clyde and Darren) | Derrick | Kwak | Otis | Felipe | Keyla | Alonzo | Elisa Macallen | Walter | Miranda (Lady of the Best Tailor)
SoapboxersAndy Moon | Andy Whitford | Baygor | Bill Binder | Clinton | Graham | Griff | Impotent Rage cosplayer | Jane | Jerome | Jesco White | Jesse | Mani | Mimes | Pamela Drake
StrippersChastity | Cheetah | Fufu | Infernus | Juliet | Nikki | Peach | Sapphire
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Radio hostsBig Boy | Bootsy Collins | Cara Delevingne | Camilo Lara | Don Cheto | DJ Pooh | Gilles Peterson | Flying Lotus | Jesco White | Keith Morris | Kenny Loggins | Mama G | Lee "Scratch" Perry | Nate Williams | Stephen Pope | Soulwax / 2manydjs | Twin Shadow | Chemical Bro | Doctor No | Cliff Lane | Andee | Frank Ocean* | Danny Brown* | Skepta*
Radio guestsMNDR | Eddie | Earl Sweatshirt | Aloe Blacc | Tunde Adebimpe | MC Eiht | Jermaine Renegade | King Avriel
Talk Show hosts
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Michele Makes | Lazlow Jones | Fernando Martinez | Jo | Ron Jakowski | Duane Earl | Bobby June | Ray De Angelo Harris | Cheryl Fawkes
Talk Show guestsSue Murry | Ricky | Jock Cranley | Samantha Muldoon | Brother Adrian | Sophia Bowles-Carmichael* | Reed Tucker
TV Show characters
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TV Show guestsWilliam Angio | Tracey De Santa
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Bleeter usersAnton Lemeaux | Billy Blue | Bobby Blue | Brother Adrian | Bruce Spade | Brucie Kibbutz | Charlotte Crown | Clay 'PG' Jackson | Cloe Parker | Dale Jenkins | Delancey Medua | Henry Smith IV | Jill Von Crastenburg | Mad Wayne Thunder | Martha Term | Mitch Dexter | Pete | Scott Stephens | The Craze | Tony McTony
Journalists and news reportersFaith Bailey | Anne Bimby | Reed Brazier | Martina Bryans | David Christian | Donna DeSimons | Jerry Donaldson | Mike Dunn | Frank Edwards | Anna Foster | Leslie Gardner | Ian Garraway | Jimmy Henderson | Shelia Hitano | Bucy Joe Houston | John Jackson | Cynthia Kelly | Michael MacKenzie | Gavin McTavern | Kate Ohajan | John Rios | Jeremy Sim | Forrest Simon | Rick Simpson | Joyce Stewart | Makayla Taylor | Jack Vinton | Robin Wark
Mentioned characters
A. Jones | Abe Milton | Abe Schwartzman | Ace Jones | Adam Rowney Jr. | Alphonse | Andrew Victoria | Andy Smith | Anne Bimby | Audrey Margaret | Barry Andrews | Barry Wheatsheaf | Betsy O'Neil | Bill Anthony | Billy Dexter | Billy Grey | Blue Brothers | Bob | Bruce Wright | Chip Hampton | Corner Killahz | Daisy Bell | Darius Fontaine | Daryl Bint | David Cho | David Richards | David Shapiro | Dennis Marquez | Derrick McReary | Destiny Arnold | Dick R. Rogers | Donna DeSimons | Doug Richman | Dutch London | Eugene Reaper | Evelyn | Faith Bailey | Francesco Mexi | Francis F. Morton | Frank Brookes | Frank Mathers | Franklin Clinton's mother | Fred Quincy | Gail Gulps | GTA Online Protagonist | Hank Oak | Hugh Bonnar | Hughie McGill | Ira Richards | Joe Oliva | John Bison | Jose | Kill.D.Sac | Kush-Chronic | Lenny Semour | Leonora Johnson | Little Laita | Luis Francesco | Merle Abrahams | Michael Keane | Miriam Turner | Moses | Nicholas | Niko Bellic | Pathos | Phil Davidson | President Joe Lawton | Ronson | Robert | Robert Cholla | Rosby Wilkins | Roy Lowenstein | Ryan Philips | Sam Austin | Sammy Bottino | Shanda Murphy | Sindee Suttin | Slim Skills | Tico | Tommy Smith | Tony Prince | Vasquez | Wayne | Yusuf Amir
Hashtag crewAllie Valasquez | Benita Render | Clinton Aumick | Clinton Salsman | Cody Nishimoto | Connie Bruening | Darren Hohn | Earlene Rivenburg | Ericka Vanderborst | Fernando Gasset | Guy Harrigan | Hugh Rasnick | Julianne Cabaniss | Katy Meaux | Kelly Mease | Lenare Welte | Liza McKiernan | Mallary Focht | Mary Jane Blunts | Nelson Altieri
GANGSTA 101 crewJay Williams III | Alicia Angel | Tony Adventura | P. Dough | Lyndon Moore | G. A. Richman | Doug Richman | Nate Anderson
Removed charactersCliffford | Dale | Jackie | Jordan | Kyle P. Slater | Mrs. A | Mrs. B | Zimbor
* - Anachronistic appearance. Appears in GTA V as part of a radio station ported from GTA Online.

† denotes deceased • italics denotes a status determined by the player's choice.

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ProtagonistOnline Player
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Main charactersLamar Davis | Gerald | Simeon Yetarian | Ron Jakowski | Trevor Philips | Lester Crest | Martin Madrazo
Minor charactersAnna | Big T | Brucie Kibbutz | Chantelle | Chef | Cris Formage | Daily Globe Editor | Dom Beasley | Donna | El Estupido | Garage Mechanic | Gustavo | Hao | JT Boyd | Janet | Jolene Cranley-Evans | Joyrider | Juan | Leroy | Little T | Madrazo Witness | Melvin | Mugger | Mushroom Hank | Raul | Small F | Stanley | The Boss (Families) | The Boss (Professionals) | The Boss (Marabunta Grande) | District Attorney | The Madrazo Trial Judge | Vasquez | Chastity | Cheetah | Fufu | Infernus | Juliet | Nikki | Peach | Sapphire | Ponsonbys Manager | Merryweather Helicopter Pilot | Merryweather Boat Driver | Vagos Gang Leader
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Main charactersMiguel Madrazo | Juan Strickler | English Dave | Pavel
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† denotes Deceased, Italics denotes a status determined by the player's choice
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denotes Deceased, Italics denotes a status determined by the player's choice