John Hunter is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series whose voice is heard in Grand Theft Auto IV.


According to his campaign ads, Hunter is a draft dodger who refused to serve in the Vietnam War when called up for conscription in 1968. He was also a small-time actor in Vinewood before entering politics (which may have been based on Fred Dalton Thompson).

In 2008, Hunter is the liberal candidate for the upcoming gubnatorial election in the State of Liberty. His opponent is the conservative candidate Michael Graves, and their campaigns have reached billboards, radio and Internet. The radio ads in particular are mostly slander-filled attack ads towards each other, with one of Hunter's claiming that Michael Graves has "forgotten the tragic events of a few years ago" (probably referring to a GTA Universe equivalent of 9/11) and another denouncing Graves' wife as a "harlot" who has allegedly aborted five children. In retaliation, one of Michael Graves' campaign ads claims Hunter wants to install webcams in people's bedrooms and charge them $5 each time they masturbate.

One of Hunter's campaign billboards can be found along the Plumbers Skyway in Alderney, despite the fact that Alderney is a separate state.

The Intelligent Agenda

Hunter is one of the guests on the Intelligent Agenda programme on Public Liberty Radio. Describing himself as a "Conservative-Liberal Democrat", Hunter discusses his views on healthcare, the economy, the war, and education. On education, he is in favor of "breaking the teachers union...[and] buying balls and uniforms, then the books if we can afford them". He also refers to the internet as "a series of tubes". At the end of the show, Hunter ends up spanking child prodigy Zachary Tyler after Tyler explains his plan to end hunger through the use of involuntary euthanasia.



John Hunter advertisement


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