Joe King is an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, and a supposed member of the Badger IT (Information technology) department. His only appearance is when he sends an email to Huang Lee.


In his email, he reveals that Badger is testing its email system and that the email will have to be forwarded to at least ten people, otherwise that person's Badger email account will be closed.


(SPAM?) Your email account

We are conducting tsts to our emal system. If you do not send this emal to at least ten people to at least ten people, your acccount with us will be closed.

Thank you.

Joe King.

Badger IT dept."


  • King's name, along with the poor grammar and spam-like contents of the email, makes it unlikely he works for Badger.
  • His name, Joe King, is a play on the word "joking", which suggests that he sends those emails as a prank or practical joke.

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