Joe Corrola is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, mentioned in the LCPD Database in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Joe was a member of the Pavano Crime Syndicate and believed to be in charge of the family's heroin distribution racket. He used to be a lover of Mary Valvona, the family's Don. Corrola has known ties to African-American drugs dealers in North Holland as well as the Humboldt River Dock Workers Local Union; which is believed to be used to bring heroin into Liberty City.

According to the LCPD database he has four prior convictions: In 1993 he was charged with Grand Theft Auto; in 1995 he was charged with Assault; in 1998 with Racketeering and Tax Evasion in 2005. According to the LCPD Database, Joe is deceased.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Joe
Place of Birth:Algonquin, Liberty City
  • Pavano Crime Syndicate
Criminal Record:
  • 1993 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1995 - Assault
  • 1998 - Racketeering
  • 2005 - Tax Evasion
  • Ex-lover of Pavano Crime Syndicate head Mary Valvona.
  • Believed to be in charge of the Pavano Crime family's heroin distribution network.
  • Often seen with African American drug dealers in North Holland.
  • Ties to the Humboldt River Dock Workers Local Union
  • Believed to use these connections to bring heroin into Liberty City.


  • Seeing as Corrola has no significance whatsoever in the game, it is unknown why his status is shown as Deceased when all other characters on the database that die over the game are a result of Niko Bellic's actions. As such, he is unique in the way that he is the only character on the LCPD database that is deceased at the beginning of the game.


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