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Jo Jo's Cola is a carbonated soft drink in Grand Theft Auto IV. It appears to based on cheaper Cola brands instead of the more expensive Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola. A 1.5 liter bottle of Jo Jo's Cola stands on Niko's and Roman's Bohan safehouse's diner table and a can of Jo Jo's Cola appears on the other, smaller table, and there are also crates of Jo Jo's Cola in a warehouse located not far from the safehouse. Also, bottles and cans of Jo Jo's may be seen in the fridges in The 69th Street Diner. There are different variations of the cola, as seen below.


  • Jo Jo's Cola
  • Jo Jo's Diet Cola
  • Jo Jo's Lemon Cola
  • Jo Jo's Orange Cola


  • At the bottom and side of Jo Jo's Cola and all of its variations, an advertisement for the Xbox and PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is seen. Though it is only seen clearly on the diet cola variant.


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