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For the character, see Jizzy B.

Now that you mention it, I do have a slight problem. Something a little dumb muscle like yourself might be able to fix.

Jizzy is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by the Mountain Cloud Boys Triad boss Wu Zi Mu, also known as Woozie, from the gas station/garage in Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas.

The subsequent part of the mission is given by the Loco Syndicate member Jizzy B. from his gentlemen's club Jizzy's Pleasure Domes in Battery Point.


Woozie, his assistant and Cesar are in the back office where the photos Carl took previously are hanging on the wall. The assistant identifies them as the Loco Syndicate consisting of the boss (whose name he doesn't know), the muscle (T-Bone Mendez) and the middle-man (Jizzy B.). Carl decides the easiest method of infiltrating the syndicate is through Jizzy and is told he can be found in the Pleasure Domes.

Upon arrival at the club, Carl convinces Jizzy to employ him. Jizzy then send him out to deal with a client who has already killed two of his girls. First, Carl takes the pimpmobile and drops off another of Jizzy's girls at a hotel in Downtown. He then kills a rival pimp working out of Hashbury. Jizzy then calls Carl on the car phone and tells him that another girl is being attacked and sends him to take care of it. Carl makes his way to the location in Foster Valley and kills the two men attacking the girl. Jizzy phones Carl again and tells him that the girl Carl dropped off at the start of the mission is trying to leave and that he wants her, her sugar daddy, and his protection killed. Once Carl has taken them out Jizzy calls a final time thanking him for his help and telling him that the car has just come up on an APB, resulting in a two star wanted level.

Mission Objectives[]

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in the pimpmobile.
  • Drop the ho off Downtown.
  • Waste the pimp in Hashburry.
  • Take out the rival pimp.
  • Get back in the pimpmobile. (If the player gets out of it)
  • Save Jizzy's girl.
  • Take out both punters.
  • Get to the hotel Downtown.
  • Take out the preacher and his protection.



The rewards for this mission are $3,000 and increased respect. The Broadway that was used in the mission can be kept. The missions T-Bone Mendez and Mountain Cloud Boys are unlocked.


Carl meets Cesar and Woozie in his office.
Woozie: That's crazy, man. What are we looking at exactly?
CJ: Hey man, you get them flicks developed? W'sup, Woozie!
Woozie: Hey Carl. I was just explaining to your... brother in law that we were friends.
CJ: Oh yeah? Well look, Woozie, I need to get some info from you, man.
Woozie: What exactly do you boys want to know?
Cesar: (points to the photos CJ took) Who are these putas, holmes?
Woozie: Why don't you go take a look?
Triad Assistant 1: These guys?
Cesar: Yeah.
Triad Assistant 1: They're the Loco Syndicate. They're pretty big time, I think. Don't have any dealings with them - we don't touch blow. (points the left photo) Now this guy runs things. I don't know his name. (points the right photo) This guy is T-Bone Mendez. He's the muscle.
Cesar: (points the middle photo) And who's that guy?
Triad Assistant 1: That's Jizzy B He's the biggest pimp in town. He helps set up the deals... You know, a concierge of sorts.
CJ: Hey, then he's my way in. How I get to him?
Woozie: Oh, Jizzy? Jizzy runs the Pleasure Domes Club in that old fortress under the Gant Bridge.
CJ: Hey, good looking out, Woozie.
Woozie: No problem. Don't be a stranger!
CJ: (not in subtitles) A'ight.
CJ goes to meet Jizzy at his club.
Jizzy: See, baby, I got everything... Mink sheets... Mink coats... Mink curtains in the window. When I walk down the stairs I'm walking down on... Mink carpets. (CJ meets him) Now who's this trick? I don't need no more friends, baby. All they try to do is peel me from my hos.
CJ: No, no, it ain't about them. It's all about you, playa. I heard you was the man with the hook up, and you was the man I needed to see. I'm offering my services.
Jizzy: Say what?
CJ: Yes, sir. See, I'm new in town. Anything you want, I can do. For a guy like me, to work with, to work FOR, a guy like Jizzy B, well...
Jizzy: Now that you mention it, I do have a slight problem. Something a little dumb muscle like yourself might be able to fix. Cause you see me, I'm an intellectual. (to the prostitutes) Bitches, y'all walk on down to the bar and fix a pimp a drink. (prostitutes leave) See I only got two eyes, and on these streets you got to have more than that. You got to be like a fly on shit, you know? A hundred eyes, everywhere. Now some lunatic been fucking with my bitches. Motherfucker killed two last week. I want you... Go find out.
CJ: No prob. I'm a playa partner now, Jizzy.
Scene shifts to outside the club.
Jizzy: Wait up, Mr. C-to-the-Jay! See that pretty young thang in my car? Drop her off at the hotel Downtown. Use my carphone to give me a ring-a-ding when you're done. And watch the rims, playa! Treat that baby like the Pope Mobile!
CJ drives the girl to Downtown.
Girl: Ooh! What a strong pecho! (CJ ignores) Ever had a half-n-half with a sucia like me?
CJ: Yeah, go on.
Girl: I'll do things your ruca won't.
CJ: I'm listening, honest!
Girl: I'm no slut but I need the feria.
CJ: Uh huh, real interesting.
Girl: Whatever, puto.
CJ drops the girl off.
Girl: Later, ese.
Carl calls Jizzy.
CJ: Hey Jizzy, it's Carl, I just dropped off your girl.
Jizzy (voice): Church! Got a little errand for you to run before you deal with that problem I was just talking about. Some young buck thinks he's a playa, been trying to peel my hos over in Hashbury. Now one of my girls over there just eyeballed the punk. I want you to get your ass over there and ice that pretender!
CJ arrives near the pimp.
Girl: Here comes my playa, now you in real trouble.
  • I was pimpetry in motion 'til you showed up.
  • This is my track, sucka!
  • Square, you have no business touching me.
  • Man, I ain't got time for you!
CJ kills the pimp and calls Jizzy.
CJ: Hey, it's CJ. Just to let you know you don't have to worry about no competition in Hashbury.
Jizzy (voice): Worry? Did I say I was worried? No I did not. Now to the real deal. Some of my girls in the Foster Valley been getting knuckled over. I want you to get your ass up there and nose around - find out what's going on.
After killing the punters, CJ calls Jizzy again.
CJ: Mr. Jizzy, it's CJ.
Jizzy (voice): You is a bad luck charm, clucky! The girl you dropped off Downtown wants out of the game! Her sugar daddy wants to take her off the streets! Nobody turns my hos! Now you get your ass back to the hotel, and you make an example out of all of 'em!
CJ arrives at the hotel. The girl and her sugar daddy leave the hotel.
Preacher: The Lord sent me to save your thread-bear soul, harlot! Get in the car and remove your filthy vestments, so I my better gaze upon thine corruption! Driver, get us out of here before the devil's right hand snatches this po'girl from salvation!
Driver: Right away, your evangelical holiness!
CJ attacks the preacher.
Preacher: (shouts in fear) The Devil comes to claim his own, Godspeed, driver, Godspeed! We need more than just the Lord's benefaction! Don't worry, girl, the Lord's army will come to our aid! Now just keep ondressing... That's right, put your hand there...
CJ kills the preacher and his protection, then calls Jizzy.
CJ: Everything's been taken care of, Mr. Jizzy!
Jizzy: Oh, CJ, you's a playa's right hand, baby. Oh, and by the way - the car's just come up over on an APB. Dump it, keep it, whatever. Just keep it away from me, my hos, and my club!
CJ: Oh, for sure, you got that, man.

Post-Mission Phone Call[]

Carl: Hey, wassup?

Woozie: Hey, Carl, it's Woozie. Hey, if you got some time I'd like for you to come over so we can talk about something.

Carl: Yeah, for sure. Where you at?

Woozie: I own a little betting shop in Chinatown. Just come 'round and introduce yourself. My people will be expecting a visit.

Carl: It's a plan, man. Later.


Part 1[]

Part 2[]

Video Walkthroughs[]



  • There are four unique vehicles in this mission: a bottom-black Stretch, a unique black Huntley with heavy handling, the Pimpmobile (brown Broadway) used in the mission and a khaki brown Camper with the headlights on owned by the men beating the girl under the Foster Valley intersection.
  • The song featured in the pre-mission cutscene is West Coast Poplock, which can also be heard on Bounce FM.
  • This, In the Beginning, House Party and Verdant Meadows are the only missions where it is possible to save the game or play other missions whilst carrying them out, although the player cannot do these once the final part of the mission is given to them.
  • After completing this mission, a two-star wanted level is given to the player.
  • What Carl says to the girl while he's making his way to the hotel in Downtown is similar to what he says during dates with his girlfriends. The girl is an obvious Latina (probably Mexican) who's trying to make conversation with CJ speaking in Spanglish (mix of Spanish and English). After CJ shows no interest in chatting, she dismisses him, calling him puto (bitch in Spanish).
  • The 'pimpmobile' used in this mission is a parody of the 'Pope Mobile'; even Jizzy instructs CJ to treat the vehicle "like the Pope Mobile ".
  • It is only required to kill the preacher and his bodyguards in the Black Huntley; his driver and the hooker in the Stretch can be spared.


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