Jimmy Kand laying on his apartment floor from being whacked out.

Jimmy Kand's Apartment is an apartment located in the Governor Greg Johnson Projects.

It is owned by Jimmy Kand, a member of the Skinheads and inhabited by him and some of his men. It's next to Dwayne Forge's Apartment. It's accessible to the player right from the beginning of the game, as there is no door. The apartment lacks privacy, is decaying, and is in poor condition. There are more decaying apartments without a door where his guards live. Several packets of Cumshot Noodles, a can of Bitch'n' Dog Food and menthol Cok can be seen scattered around the apartment. One of the bedrooms also feature live cockroaches crawling around.


  • There is no bathroom or any other room in his apartment or the other abandoned ones next to his.
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