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James Drescher (born August 9, 1966 in New York), better known as Jimmy G, Jimmy Spliff and Jimmy Gestapo, is the lead singer for the New York hardcore punk band Murphy's Law and an American voice actor. He voices himself as the DJ of Liberty City Hardcore radio station in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Jimmy is a very out-spoken and profane DJ with a strong dislike to commercialized life, music, the police who he refers to them as 'pigs', Liberty City and even the listeners. There are a small number of things Gestapo shows a likeness for: female anarchists, beer bombs, tattoos, piercings and of course the music he plays. Jimmy believes Weazel News is fake, that the people in the news room are lying and doesn't care at all about the weather as he expresses a dislike towards the in-game weather announcements.

Although Gestapo doesn't like commercial lifestyles and jobs, he does say, "you think punk rock is about a studded leather jacket and a pair of boots? you're fucking wrong! Sometimes you've to gear up and get to fucking work". He confessed to getting wasted with featured band the Bad Brains, "I got shitfaced with these guys", during the introduction to their song "Right Brigade".

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