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Of course I did Rudy - you know me - I'm a man of honor.
— Jimmy Capra

Jimmy Capra is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Capra was a member of the Messina crime family. After the existence of a rat in the Triads is revealed, a mobster called Rudy D'Avanzo contacts Huang Lee saying that Jimmy Capra is the FIB rat they are looking for. Rudy then uses Huang's services to recover a recording inside Capra's car that supposedly proves Capra is the rat and later sends Huang to kill several Capra's man that are mentioned in the recording.

After this attacks, Capra contacts Rudy and meets him for a "peace talk" but it doesn't turn out well as he knew that Rudy would try to kill him. He escapes and sends his men try to kill Rudy. His men are killed by Huang with a sniper rifle and Rudy also escapes alive. It is later revealed that Rudy lied about Capra being a FIB rat, the truth is that Capra knew one of Rudy's most intimate secrets and was threatening to use that against D'Avanzo, so Rudy wanted to use Huang to get Capra killed before he could reveal his secret.

Hsin Jaoming gets very angry at Huang for making the Triads a threat to the Messinas and sends him to kill Rudy. Hsin Jaoming says that due to the attack on the Messinas being caused by a Triad, the Messina family's relations with the Triads is "in the toilet".

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