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For the character in GTA V, see Jimmy De Santa.

Jimmy on the front page of the Liberty Tree.

Jimmy is a character mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is a football player for the Liberty City Cocks who, on March 16, 1998, e-mails Ned Burner asking for him to help. A report is about to be published stating, correctly, that he uses performance enhancing drugs. This would ruin his image of a family friendly football star, only improved at the time by a Liberty Tree article about him rescuing a dog from drowning in a pond. He states he would also lose his role of spokesman for Burger Shot and The Glory Hole Theme Park. Ned, posing as a reverend, later has Toni Cipriani steal the report and return it to him, allowing Ned to publish the report himself.

Jimmy's e-mail

Ned, it's Jimmy. Listen, man. I really need your help. I'm screwed. People are saying I use performance enhancing drugs. It's going to ruin me.

I've been signed as a leading spokesman for both Burger Shot and The Glory Hole Theme Park based on my family friendly approach to football. Now I'm going to get falsely exposed as a drug using liar. I am NOT a drug using liar. I am a performance enhancing product using guy who is economical with the truth. But that's besides the point.

The point is, since I paid you off not to run that story about me beating eight kinds of shit out of that groupie slut, I really need the money those contracts are going to bring in. I mean, I understand it - fast food companies and theme parks are ethical companies who don't want their product sullied by a drug user. But I never used any drugs I didn't need, either to make my muscles bigger or to relax when with hookers. That ain't cheating. My wife never found out. Come on' Ned. Tell me that don't count? Come on, man. I'm clean. Check my piss.

Anyway, this guy is all over me like a couple of Thai hookers. Or three of them, but one's got an Adam's Apple. You know? You gotta help me, man. I'll pay. Whatever it takes. Please Ned! My knee is shot. I ain't gonna have many more paydays like this. Make the guy leave me alone.


  • Jimmy is implied to be a quarterback. This is evidenced by the headline "chucked him my signature spiral", referring to a type of pass, and the fact that he wears #11.