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"No, it's mine, who asking?"
―Jimmy answering Niko Bellic's question about his car.

Jimmy is an African-American citizen in Liberty City. Jimmy took a cash loan from the Faustin's loan shark, Vladimir Glebov, and did not pay his debts in time. Niko Bellic is sent to steal Jimmy's car to pay off the loan and take it to a garage owned by Vlad.

Mission Appearances



  • Jimmy and his associate are likely the members of African-American gangs.
  • There are three results of Niko's encounter with Jimmy.
    • If Niko kills him, in his phone call to Vlad he will say "He was reluctant. He is dead, now," and Vlad will respond, "You stupid bastard. At least I got my money."
    • If Niko spares him but knocks him out, Niko will say "He's a little bruised, but he gave it up easy enough," and Vlad will respond, "Good. Dead guys can't pay interest. You're learning."
    • If Niko ignores Jimmy altogether and just takes the car, Niko will say "It was easy. I didn't even have to hurt the guy," and Vlad will have the same response as if Niko knocked him out.
  • Jimmy's car can be used in the next mission given by Vlad.
  • Jimmy wears a different outfit each time the mission is played.
  • Jimmy's character model is used for some pedestrians.