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With this, we could take the Angels of Death out of business for a long, long time.
— Jim Fitzgerald

James "Jim" Fitzgerald is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV, and the deuteragonist and a friend in The Lost and Damned.


Early Life

James Fitzgerald was born in 1963 and raised in Acter, Alderney, as were most other members of The Lost. According to Clay Simons, Jim was once a US Marine as early as 1981 (when he would have been 18) but was kicked out, a claim that Jim did not comment on. Jim also married a woman named Jackie at an unspecified time. Though he acts distant towards his wife while talking with other Lost members, Jim demonstrated that he really loves and cares for her during conversations with Johnny when alone, for example in Liberty City Choppers.

The Lost MC

Jim's criminal record dates back to 1987, when he was arrested for assault at age 24. He was likely a member of The Lost by this time. As he worked his way up from a prospect to a senior member of the gang, two theft charges followed in the next six years. He later met Billy Grey and Johnny Klebitz, who were childhood friends of each other and both began very aggressive criminal lifestyles at 16. Jim became very close friends with Johnny, who was 11 years younger and likely saw him as a role model. He viewed Billy, however, as very foolish and never became as well connected to him. Despite their young ages, Billy and Johnny worked their way up to become president and vice president, respectively, of the chapter. Jim was perfectly content and not jealous (he had stated that a reason why he did not wish to become president was so that he could spend time with his wife), and became their treasurer as well as an unofficial advisor to Johnny. Both he and Johnny were opposed to the war with the Angels of Death biker gang, which dated back to 1982 and was reignited under Billy's leadership, but complied out of loyalty. He was arrested in 1999 and 2005 for cooking meth and larceny. During this time, Jim and his wife Jackie had a child.

In early 2008, Billy was arrested for heroin and was sent to rehab, during which Johnny became the gang's acting president. Billy had been excessively violent towards the AOD, including one incident in which he put Joe Jon's nephew in a coma, which directed Johnny to give Billy's Revenant motorcycle to the AOD as a peace offering.

During The Lost and Damned

In 2008, Billy returned from rehab and became president again, and both Jim and Johnny did not like the way Billy was taking the gang. Johnny and Jim decided to personally go do some work in the mission Liberty City Choppers where they steal bikes from the Angels of Death (they can be exported for lots of money). Corrupted cops then demand money or they will report to the LCPD; they are eliminated in Bad Cop Drop.

As the heroin the Lost MC stole was revealed to belong to the Triads, they agreed to sell it back to them for a lower price. The deal goes awry; the Triads steal the Heroin but don't give the money, and even though Jim and Johnny escape, Billy is shown to be arrested. This causes more and more tension against The Lost and causes Brian Jeremy and people on his side to leave. Jim introduces Johnny to the Uptown Riders and gives him Pipe Bombs to destroy more AOD Vans in the mission Hit the Pipe; he helps Johnny wipe out Brian's henchmen in End of Chapter. Then, using Ray Boccino's help, gives Johnny Brian's location so he can finally confront him.

After that Jim will often text Johnny to call Terry and Clay as a backup in missions.

In The Lost and Damned, Jim is one of Johnny's best friends. Johnny can hang out with Jim and arrange for Jim to leave a loaded weapon on the second floor of Lost MC Clubhouse.


Soon after, Jim helps Johnny steal diamonds (by hooking him up with some of the Broker chapter members) on orders of Ray Boccino who uses Klebitz and Niko Bellic to eventually do a Diamond Deal (the Impossible Trinity). Klebitz steals the money and escapes the mob and Ray's spies, then gives the money to Jim, announcing his betrayal to Ray.

Later, Klebitz will be texted by Ray (using Fitzgerald's phone) telling him to meet Jim at Ray's. When he gets there in the mission Was It Worth It?, Ray is revealed to have kidnapped Jim Fitzgerald and is having one of his goons torture him with a blowtorch, demanding information on where the Diamond money Johnny stole from Ray is. Jim hasn't said anything; after some arguing, Jim and Johnny escape, killing the henchman that tortured Jim. Johnny is chased by 4 waves of Mafia hitmen in different spots across the State of Alderney, and manages to kill them.

Ray tells Niko Bellic to kill Jim Fitzgerald in the Grand Theft Auto IV mission No Way on the Subway; after a motorcycle chase, Jim and his biker friend are killed. Ashley Butler announces this to Johnny at the end of his mafia battle.

After his death, his picture is hung on the Lost clubhouse's memorial wall. Johnny later said of Jim that he was the greatest thing that has happened to the gang and "the man [they] all wanted to be". Johnny states that he will send money to Jim's wife and kid, he owes them that much, and more.

In the only mission of the game where Jim is dead at its time, Johnny announced that he wished Jim was there to see his events.

LCPD Database record

A - E
F - J
K - O
P - U
V - Z
Acter, Alderney
Member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost OMG
1987 - Assault

1989 - Hijacking
1993 - Grand Larceny
1999 - Unlawful Manufacture Methamphetamine

2005 - Grand Larceny
- Senior member of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost OMG.

- Believed to be loyal to Johnny Klebitz, the acting leader while Billy Grey was incarcerated.
- One of the oldest bikers in the Lost.

- Believed to have been against the war with the Angels of Death OMG.

Jim's bike

While alive, Jim Fitzgerald had a black and red Zombie similar to that of Jason Michaels. This was Jim's default bike during missions and gang wars. What modifications, if any, that were applied to Jim's bike is unknown. Jim's bike can be obtained by Niko after killing him, and identical bikes can rarely be found and stolen around Liberty City.

Murders committed

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto IV

The Lost and Damned



  • In GTA IV, Jim looks completely different – he is Caucasian, fat and bald. This is confirmed via the name of his character model in the game's files; m_y_jim_fitz.[1] However, this character model also appears in the final cutscene of Collector's Item alongside the TLAD rendition of Jim. This is just an oversight made by Rockstar Games.
  • Jim has a tattoo of the Spanish word "consuelo", which means "solace", on his neck. The player can see this if they zoom in with a sniper rifle or cellphone if Jim dies in a mission or gang war.
  • Johnny sometimes addresses him by his full name, but usually addresses him as "Jim". Although he is introduced by the opening credits as "Jimmy", no one ever calls him Jimmy during the game.
  • Jim's e-mail address is
  • Jim's colors are very unique to the other officers of The Lost. He does not wear either a denim vest or a leather jacket. He also wears sports camouflage pants and brown Hinterland boots. This is a dress code that is apparently followed by many of the club prospects.
  • In the first trailer, Jim was not wearing a bandana. A photo of him without his bandana is used for the memorial wall.


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