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What's up homie? It's all good. My dad's really happy with me, he loves you, too!
— Jesse

Jesse is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, appearing as a soapboxer.


He is an impersonator of Jesus Christ. If approached, he can be heard speaking various biblical phrases.

He seems to be under the influence of some drug as his ramblings make little to no sense.

If interacted with Trevor Philips, they both share certain resentment to their respective father figures. In contrast, if interacted with Franklin, he'll say his father is wonderful and that he loves everyone.

Jimmy mentions him during the mission Reuniting the Family, claiming that Jesse is among the many men his mother had an affair with.



  • He's mentioned in Reuniting the Family as "The guy who thinks he's Jesus on Vespucci Beach." by Jimmy. It's also implied that Amanda had sex with him.
  • Killing him would make a face model that resembles Jesus' face when he is crucified. His one eye would be swollen shut while the other, is slightly open. No matter how you kill him, this face model would appear.
  • He's seen in the Bravado Bison commercial on TV.