"I need someone I can trust for this run."

Jermaine Andrews is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.



Andrews is a man from Broker, Liberty City. He is a friend and client of Roman Bellic, and, judging by his criminal connections and location, may be a member of the Hustlers from the Firefly Projects in Broker. He works for an auto parts/Pay 'n' Spray shop called "Native Engines" on Gibson Street in Broker and was (in 2008), under surveillance by the Liberty City Police Department. According to their database, he is a suspect in several carjackings in the South Broker area.

Events of GTA IV

Niko Bellic met Jermaine when sent by Roman to take Jermaine to his garage. Niko did so, but found out that the LCPD were waiting. Niko and Jermaine managed to evade the police, and they returned to the Pay 'n' Spray.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Jermaine
Place of Birth:Broker, Liberty City
  • Linked to African American gangs in the Firefly Projects
Criminal Record:
  • 1997 - Grand Theft Auto
  • 1998 - Hijacking
  • 2004 - Possession Stolen Property
  • Works at the Pay and Spray on Gibson Street in Broker.
  • Believed to be involved in several recent low priority hijackings in the South Broker area.
  • Under tight surveillance.

Prominent Appearances in Missions



  • Jermaine has a couple of suits, which can be seen during the mission Easy Fare.
  • Jermaine is the first person, of many, to whom Niko reveals to his true intentions in Liberty City.
  • There are many pedestrians that resemble Jermaine.


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