For the bar featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, see Jerkov's.

Jerkov is a main character and antagonist in Grand Theft Auto 2. He is a known criminal in both Anywhere City and in Russia. He was kicked out of the Russian army in 1989, and in 1994 was linked to a number of deaths in America's underworld. He disappeared shortly thereafter but was spotted in a knife attack in 1996. He was arrested and tried for possession of heroin, a drug he is addicted to, in 1997 but was acquitted when the evidence was lost. He is also suspected of disemboweling a rival gang member. He is married to Sandra Tito, a Serbian refugee, and they have a son. He is also known as Junkie, Soldier and Smiler.

Jerkov is a high-ranking member of the Russian Mafia who are jealous of the USA's products, so they steal vehicles and weapons to sell back in Russia. The Russians are against The Zaibatsu Corporation and the Hare Krishna. Jerkov employs Claude to help the Russians gain full control of the Industrial Sector. Later in the storyline, Jerkov sends Russian assassins to kill Krishna leader, Sunbeam, but are thwarted by Claude. The Russians were wiped out, along with the Hare Krishna and The Zaibatsu Corporation, as Claude was not only working for the Russians, but also for Sunbeam and Uno Carb, leading to the weakening of all the gangs. Enraged, all three leaders attack Claude, but are murdered by him instead.

Mission Appearances

  1. Hot Dog Homicide / R.S.L. Bows! (Boss)
  2. Mmm, Russian Sailors! / Russian Sailors!! (Boss)
  3. Karma Assassins!! (Boss)
  4. Tanks A Lot! (Boss)
  5. Officer Down! (Boss)
  6. Vedic Massacre! (Boss)
  7. Super Grass Rescue! (Boss)
  8. The Final Job! (Killed)


  • Jerkov's name is a reference to the phrase "Jerk Off", which means masturbate.
  • He drives a normal Bulwark during his death mission, and carries a Machine Gun.
  • In GTA 2's live-action adaptation, the Russian Mafia is apparently led by a middle-aged bald man with sunglasses. It is unclear whether or not this character is meant to be Jerkov.


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