Jeremy Robard is a character who appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and can be heard on the radio of both games.

In 1984, during the events of GTA: Vice City Stories, he sponsors Radio Espantoso, and runs an "Import/Export" business in Viceport where clients lease a boat and ferry "special" cargo to and from an island base not too far from Vice City. It is implied that his business actually consists of drug-running via boats, since he calls the Radio Espantoso station to ask Hector if there are any coast guard boats around, although Jeremy claims it's because he doesn't want to be bothered by paper work or bribes.

By 1986, he has a line of seedy self-help tapes to promote. This program, called Think Your Way to Success, is a supposed three-step program with names that, in acronym, are all related to drugs (Think - Hold that thought - Complete = THC, Learn - Start - Doing = LSD, or Motivate - Demonstrate - then Motivate Again = MDMA).

He appears on the show Pressing Issues on Vice City Public Radio, during the segment Positive Thinking. Robard spends his time plugging his Think Your Way to Success program before insulting and greatly infuriating the host Maurice Chavez. During the verbal altercations with Chavez, it emerges that Robard's success is a lie, and he is little more than a pompous fraud who lives in a small apartment overlooking a gasworks. Chavez also implies that Robard has been imprisoned multiple times.

After more insults are traded, Chavez breaks Robard's nose with a paperweight. Robard threatens to sue Chavez, but backs down when Chavez threatens him with more violence.

He is voiced by Peter Silvestro in both appearances.


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