Jenny Louise Crab is an orphan who resides in Vice City.


She is interviewed by Maurice Chavez on VCPR's Pressing Issues in 1986, after she was named Vice City's civilian of the year for 1985.

Little is known about Jenny's past. Her parents were killed in a car accident, whilst her adoptive parents were murdered, which she believes happened so that she could have a better life. She is heavily addicted to mood elevators. Because of this, she is jittery on the show and laughs nervously a lot while she speaks. Also possibly because of her addiction, she often speaks and behaves in a childish manner and occasionally does not appear to be fully aware of her parents' deaths, as when she responds to Maurice stating that her parents were brutally murdered: "Mummy? Where's Mummy? She's just fine, she's probably taking a nap." She seems to have a panchant for composing poems. It is hinted on the show that she witnessed domestic violence with either her birth parents or her adoptive parents when Maurice hits another guest with a paperweight and Jenny says "Daddy, stop bleeding! Stop fighting, please! I hate it when we fight, can't we have a group hug?"

She is voiced by Mary Birdsong.


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