"Jazz from a time long before it became elevator music."
— GTA IV Website

Jazz Nation Radio (JNR) is a Classic Jazz radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and is hosted by Jazz musician Roy Haynes.

The station does not reappear in Episodes from Liberty City and is instead replaced by Self-Actualization FM.


Deleted song

It is possible that this station was due to appear in Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, as the "American.gxt" data file for The Lost and Damned lists the following song:


JNR (Jazz Nation Radio 108

JNR (Jazz Nation Radio 108.5) (IV)


  • This is the favourite radio station of Jimmy Pegorino and Phil Bell, and it also plays inside Jimmy Pegorino's House.
  • An advertisement for Jazz Nation Radio claims that it is "at the end of the dial". However, K109 The Studio has a higher frequency.
  • The station plays at the TW@ internet cafe in North Holland, Algonquin. In EFLC, the station is changed to Self-Actualization FM.
  • Jazz Nation Radio can be heard in Drusilla's during cutscenes for Ray Boccino. In The Lost and Damned, the station is changed to Self-Actualization FM.
    • The station plays at the lobby of Majestic Hotel and Perseus.
      • "St. Thomas" by Sonny Rollins is often played by buskers throughout the city. If the player donates enough money to them, they will eventually receive the song as a ringtone for their cellphone. A busker can also be heard playing the song on Integrity 2.0, and it also plays aboard Frickie Van Hardenburg's yacht.

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