Jay Hamilton was a resident of Liberty City and was working as the cameraman for Manny Escuela in 2008.


Jay follows Manny, collecting footage for a film, although Niko Bellic breaks one of his cameras. When the film is finished, Manny complains that Jay made him look gay. Jay says that he looked metrosexual.

Jay later accompanies Manny to Elizabeta Torres' apartment to film and expose her drug related criminal activities. However, Elizabeta kills Manny and Jay in a cocaine-fueled rage, shooting him in the eye. Niko delivers the bodies to a doctor who Elizabeta knows will deal with. He and Manny can also be dumped in the river, but Niko will not earn any money if he chooses to do so.

After Jay and Manny "disappear", the documentary team that was doing the story on Manny quickly replaced it with a story about Troy, the bouncer at the Hercules night club. This is discovered in a conversation between Troy and Luis Lopez, during the events of The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Mission Appearances




  • Jay Hamilton's body is still responsive and alive, as he screams when shot in the trunk, and is still looking around and blinking.
  • Jay Hamilton shares his name with Neal McDonough's character from the 2004 film Walking Tall. However, this appears to be just a coincidence.