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God help us!
— The pilot's last words before his death.

Javier Madrazo's pilot is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.

Events of GTA V

He is the captain of Air Emu's flight November Niner Charlie Echo which carries Javier Madrazo and some vital files. The purpose of the flight was to fly Javier to Liberty City as he agreed to expose his cousin, Martin Madrazo, to the FIB. Martin discovers this and hires Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips to get rid of him and take the files back. Michael is required to shoot down the airplane with a Remote Sniper while Trevor pursues it.

After one of the plane's engines are shot and damaged, the pilot frantically speaks to Air Traffic Control and attempts to safely land the plane, eventually crash landing in the middle of a field in Grapeseed. While the pilot dies in the crash, his associate manages to survive but is killed shortly after by Trevor.

Mission Appearances