"I'm an important guy, you gotta help me out!"
―Javier, after surviving the plane crash.

Javier Madrazo is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V.



As one of Martin Madrazo's cousins, Javier was a main enforcer in the powerful Los Santos Mexican drug running operation, the Madrazo Cartel.

Events of GTA V

Javier first appears while escorting Martin to Michael De Santa's mansion after Michael had pulled the deck of Martin's house down the side of a hill having mistaking it for the home of Kyle Chavis, the tennis instructor who had slept with his wife.

Later on, Javier betrays Martin and agrees to provide the FIB with information on his cousin's illegal activities. Martin discovers this, and sends Michael and Trevor Philips to shoot down Javier's plane and steal the briefcase containing the incriminating documents that he was carrying; to use as evidence against him. After Michael shoots down the plane, Javier survives the crash initially, but he is quickly found and killed by Trevor, who had followed the plane closely as it descended and ultimately crashed into a field in Blaine County.

Mission Appearances



  • Javier shares his model with regular Madrazo Cartel members.
  • Javier is mentioned on Bleeter by a user named @manolodeoro2. He asks why Javier won't answer his phone or messages, or if anyone has seen him.


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