The Java Update Coffeeshop (stylized as {java.update();}) is a coffee shop located on Boulevard Del Perro in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. The theme of the coffee shop is scripting and programming, as seen with the Java code signage on the front of the store. It is located right next to Bite and Fruit of the Vine.


  • "Java" here has ambiguous reference. It's a reference to Java programming language (hence the name and the concept), and it can also refer to a type of coffee with the same name, originating from the Indonesian island of Java. It could also refer to a style of strong, black and very sweet coffee that's usually served hot (a possible reference to the popular Hot Coffee mod).
  • Although the rest of the writing on the sign is valid but nonsensical Java code taken out of context, the "sandwich" method on the right side would result in a compile-time error, as it specifies a void return type but returns an integer value.


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