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Japan is a country in Eastern Asia. The country uses the CERO rating system to rate all Grand Theft Auto releases, with so far all of the series being rated Z (18+). Japan received Grand Theft Auto releases at a much later time, as it has taken a long time for Rockstar Games to localize them, which is done by Rockstar Japan. The GTA games are published in Japan mainly by Capcom which had released the following games:

CyberFront has released recent GTA games:

  • Grand Theft Auto IV (March 20, 2009)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (September 24, 2009)

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Despite the series being rated CERO Z/18+, Grand Theft Auto faces censorship for some two of its games when it is localized for the Japanese market due to the rating system restricting certain forms of violence or sexual content in console-released games.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City:

  • The Japanese version of the game no longer the player to blow off heads nor do blood droplets appear when you are killing someone with a chainsaw or blood splats when launching explosives towards people.
  • Ken Rosenberg is not seen snorting cocaine when talking with Tommy Vercetti in both No Escape? and The Shootist missions in the Japanese version.
  • The mission Martha's Mug Shot and G-Spotlight in which Steve Scott is shooting a pornographic movie with Candy Suxx that has shots of her moaning while doing stimulated sex are censored with the moans muted and the camera angles discretly placed away from the sex.
  • The spotlight that promotes Candy Suxx by showing her breasts and nipples is replaced instead with simply the actress' name.
  • The naked photos of Candy Suxx in Ricardo Diaz's mansion are replaced instead with kittens instead.

Grand Theft Auto V:

  • The scene in which Trevor Philips pulls down his pants to show his penis and butt is removed from the Japanese release and thus the same animation and dialogue stays without the aforementioned act in question.
  • The sex scene between Trevor and Ashley Butler is cut and instead shows them watching the news report of the jewelry robbery.
  • The mission Paparazzo - The Sex Tape in which Poppy Mitchell has anal sex with Justin is altered and instead has you recording them smoking.
  • The controversial By the Book mission where Trevor is interrogating a Azerbaijani man named Ferdinand Kerimov is skipped entirely and fades to black until after the torture is completing.


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