The Jaoming Family is one of the Three Triads families featured in GTA Chinatown Wars.


The Jaoming family is a crime family associated with the Algonquin Triads in Liberty City. During the events of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, the Jaoming Family is the most powerful Triad family. Hsin Jaoming is the leader of the Triads. Seeing as Hsin's death is drawing near, his son Chan, Zhou Ming and Wu Lee are in a competition to replace him as the leader. After there is a suspected rat and Huang Lee finds evidence against Chan and Zhou, Huang kills them and leaves his uncle Wu Lee as the sole successor to Triad leadership. Later, Huang finds out that the FIB gave Wade Heston a fake file, Zhou and Chan were innocent, and the real rat was Kenny. In the Salt in the Wound mission, Wu, in an act of betrayal, says "You still want the sword old man?, Well, then take it". Wu stabs Hsin to take the leadership of the Triads in for himself and Huang kills him afterwards. Wade Heston, who accompanied Huang, had Hsin arrested as his fellow police officers raided the facility. Hsin told Huang that he was willing to make him his successor if he performed a test, similar to the deal he made with Wu Lee previously.

Mission Appearences

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  • Jaoming is not a real Chinese surname, and it would be unlikely to exist since most Chinese surnames consist of only one character. Some two-character Chinese surnames existed in the era of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms (such as Au-Yeung [歐陽], Zhuge [诸葛] and Sima [司馬]) but are relatively rare in present-day China.
  • The favorite radio station of the Jaoming Family is Deadmau5, as it always plays when entering the gang's Comet.
  • The Jaoming Family is one of two gangs (the other being The Lost MC) to appear only in storyline missions and rampages. As a result, they do not have any defined turf.