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Feeding the family is my job as a mother. Daddy earns money and goes away with his secretary and mommy provides dinner and keeps a brave face on things, even though her heart is breaking. Where are my pills?
— Jan Brown

Jan Brown is a character that can be heard on Vice City Public Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. She is voiced by Maureen Silliman.

Jan is a conservative mother of at least two (Patrick III[1] and Jono[2]) and believes in the nuclear family,[3][4] the reason she stays with her cheating husband.[5][6] She heads up the Moms Against Popular Culture group[7] and is against, amongst other things nudity,[8] hippies,[9] video games,[10] slang words[11] and culture in general. She describes her life as 'Looking down on others'.

She teaches her two children at home, in particular teaching history.[12] However, she has limited knowledge in both history[13] and biology.[14] She works hard at helping her children, saying that by using history and biology, she works out what's best for her children and ignores the interests of others.[15]

Her mental state is in question and stems from her father ordering her to kill a pig for dinner when she was a child.[16] She is also on medication. [17] This has passed on to her children, with her son Jono killing a post man[18] and Jan saying that when her children are hungry, she hands them a spear to catch their food.[19]


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